Kids, stop making my hair fall out!

With the never-ending worries that children bring to our lives (as well as the wondrous joy too, of course!) we often joke that we end up pulling our hair out. But for some people, hair loss is very real and can have a huge detrimental effect on their mental health and well-being. While men are typically more likely to experience hair loss, women do experience this too, especially the thinning of hair and it can be devastating. There are many {Read More}

Does every family have an A&E child?

So I think we were quite lucky with Isabella, the only times she’s been in hospital where on her 1st birthday when she had tonsillitis and then again just after her 4th birthday to have grommets. Other than that, she’s not really hurt herself or given us any issues. This lured us in to a false sense of security though. We were not prepared for the chaos that Benjamin would bring! He has always been a happy go lucky little {Read More}

Hallmark Disney Princess Itty Bittys

I think most children love some form of Disney and we are no different in this house. In fact Isabella adores all of the princesses and will often be found playing dress up and creating her own storylines for the characters. So when we were offered the chance to try the new Hallmark Princess Itty Bittys, we jumped at the chance. I have found over the years we have collected so many soft toys and as a rule we don’t {Read More}

Simplifying the January School Run

January means that not only is it a new year, but it’s also time to go back to school, which means one thing… the dreaded school run. However, there’s no reason why the school run has to be dull and dreary, and even with the damp weather we can all liven things up a bit. Here are some top tips on how to make the school run a little bit easier this January. Play Some Games The school run can {Read More}

20 Healthy Slow Cooker Meals for the Family

Like many, January is the time of year we all start looking for healthier ways to live but I find eating healthy during the cold months a lot harder than I do in the warmer weather. So, to kick start my healthy eating journey, I’m compiling a list of some bloggers’ favourite healthy slow cooker meals. Slimming World Pulled Pork Sarah from Boo Roo and Tiger Too has tried this  Slimming World Barbecue Pulled Pork (Slow cooker version). It serves 6 {Read More}

How to De-Clutter Your Home Over the Christmas Period

The festive season is nearly upon us. For many, it brings many challenges, one being the clutter and ‘stuff’ that accumulates in our home. It is inevitable. Every year, the kids seem to get more and more. And then, guests call round and bring even more ‘stuff’, from presents they don’t want but think ‘you can make use of’, to more food, more drink… It is, of course, what Christmas is made of: a slightly chaotic time in which rules {Read More}

Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts perfect for entertaining the children this week! A few years ago Isabella was desperate to re-decorate our Christmas tree but I was less excited about the idea so we decided to improvise. We cut out a Christmas tree shape from green card and then gave Isabella some paints, stickers and glitter and let her decorate to her hearts content. This was so simple to do and she loved it! For full details, you can see my post here. {Read More}

Not so Insta-worthy!

With all the pressures we get from social media about being (or at least showing) the world we are the perfect parent/family/person, I thought I’d put a few images together for my not so Instaworthy post just to make you smile! What’s your best Not so Instaworthy picture? My most recent not so Instaworthy photo was this – It was a picture of the FIRST time Benjamin have ever done fancy dress. We’ve tried him in various outfits over the {Read More}

We made it to the New Year!

So, we’ve finally made it to the New Year! Last term felt like a really long term and we were all desperately ready for the break but we’ve also made some really positive steps since September. So here’s a catch up before they go back to school tomorrow! Isabella Isabella has done really well at school, especially with her reading. She is starting to enjoy the stories a little more now they have a little more to them. But more {Read More}

Glam & Style Conical Curling Wand

Over the years, I’ve tried to find a curling wand that actually works and one where the curls actually last longer than walking out the house. My issue is that I have quite naturally curly yet frizzy hair so to get a nice smooth curl, I have to either blow-dry my hair straight first or straighten it before attempting to put a curl in it. As I’ve straightened it before curling, the curl can sometimes drop far too quickly and {Read More}