Jane Move Evo Travel Highchair

IMG_1905We bought the Jane Move travel highchair when Isla was 6 months old. We have a small kitchen, so planned on using this at home rather than buying a cumbersome chair which would take up precious space.

Positives: * space saving at home * can be packed away almost completely flat and comes with a shoulder bag that it can all be stowed away in * can be used on the floor (until they can kick and reach the floor with their feet * for us the chair fits under the table with the eating surface underneath so she can eat with us * the padded section comes off and washes really easily * Isla has always seemed pretty comfy in it as the chair is lightly padded.

Negatives: * doesn’t fit on every type of chair, so we have had to use a pillow behind it at home and sometimes had trouble when we have gone out and tried to use it. Particularly a problem with chairs with a rounded back or a sloped seat * the straps are a nightmare to clean, food gets stuck in the material, so I often have to take it into the bath and scrub it with a brush. * the tray isn’t adjustable, so I have found even now at coming up for 10.5 months it’s too far away for her and food is always falling between her body and the tray resulting in lots of food on the floor. The lip around the edge isn’t very deep either, so she often chases food over the edge accidentally. The tray isn’t wide enough around the baby either, so more food overboard. The amount I have to pick up off the floor and throw away can be ridiculous, especially as she didn’t actually throw it overboard! *the straps could be much easier to adjust than they are.

This is a chair with great ideas for portability and would be fine for ad-hoc use but I don’t think I would buy one again. A shame because it wasn’t the cheapest either…



  1. Great review. Thanks for sharing the pros and the cons. And the cute pics.

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