The NEW SuperMocio 3Action XL Mop!

With the warmer weather coming and the children wanting to spend more and more time outside, my kitchen floor sees even more muck being traipsed through. With more mess comes the need to clean the floor more often and I find it such a chore; but the new SuperMocio 3Action XL mop makes it just that little bit easier.

So what’s new?

The Mop and Bucket kit comes with a 3 piece handle (which makes storing the mop so easy and compact), it has a Torsion Wringer to get a really good squeeze of the mop end meaning less effort is needed and the floors dry faster too. It has an extra 25% floor contact which makes cleaning more efficient.

The Torsion Wringer is the best bit of this new Mop and Bucket set in my opinion. I hate how long it can take for the floors to dry sometimes- it’s not quite dry before the kids manage to put their paw prints all over the floor. With the new Torsion Wringer, the mop head is only slightly damp rather than wet and it does mean that the floor dried a lot faster.

Red Power Stripes

The red power strips are designed to help eliminate those more stubborn stains with a little less effort. I don’t know about you but there tends to always be a little sticky patch on the floor from where one of the children have dropped something and just left it or picked it up leaving some sort of sticky residue to go unnoticed for a while. These power strips are great – they make cleaning easier and less effort is always more attractive when it comes to cleaning.

What’s better is that as well as being able to change mop heads, you can also pop the heads in the washing machine to ensure you are cleaning your floor with a clean mop.

If you get called away for an ‘emergency’ (your toddler has lost their ball or needs toilet roll), you can use the handle clip to ensure the mop doesn’t fall over while you’re attending to whichever ‘emergency’ arises first.

As mops go, the SuperMocio is definitely a winnerin my house.

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