Mermaid Charm Jewellery Craft Box: Review

With any school holiday I look for fun things that the children to do to keep them, and me, entertained. As the weather gets warmer, it’s easier to get out and about but there are still days we’d rather spend time indoors. For these days, craft boxes are a perfect solution to keeping the children entertained. Over the Easter holidays, Isabella and Benjamin found themselves creating jewellery (as well as a fishing line?!) with Interplay’s new Mermaid Charm jewellery making {Read More}

Little Tikes Fountain Factory: Review

  We love Little Tikes toys in this house, especially as toys in the garden – they are great quality and always last. We’ve got one of the obligatory Little Tikes Cars as well as a kitchen in the play house. We’ve now been lucky enough to have been sent the Little Tikes Fountain Factory water activity table to put to the test. We’ve been trying it out for the past couple of weeks now and the novelty factory is {Read More}

Fisher Price Monsters Range: Review

We were recently asked to review the new Fisher Price Monsters Range and Benjamin has been testing them out over the past couple of weeks.   There are three new Monster toys in the range including the Fun Feeling Monster, the Hungry Monster Maze and the Press n’ Go Vehichles. Hungry Maze Monster I’m going to start with our favourite. Both Benjamin and Isabella enjoy playing with the Hungry Monster Maze. It comes with 6 discs to ‘feed’ the monster {Read More}

Bigjigs Play Patrol – Cutting Veg Crate and The Fruit Crate: Review

We’re very excited to let you know that Isabella and Benjamin have been chosen to take part in the BigJigs Play Patrol. They are going to be sent a variety of different toys to put through their paces and will report back their honest feedback. Our first parcel included the Cutting Veg Crate and the Fruit Crate. I have to say, there is a clear favourite with both of the children and it’s the Cutting Veg Crate. They are immediately {Read More}

Tomy Foam Cone Factory

We love a good bath toy in this house and the Foam Cone Factory is no exception.. There are some good old favourites like stacking pots which stand the test of time but then you get the battery operated toys which are great for a little while and then water somehow sneaks it’s way in to the battery compartment and it’s ruined. Well the Tomy Foam Cone Factory have all the allure of a battery toy without needing to use {Read More}

My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector

Both my two love Thomas, there’s just something about him that has captured them. So when we were given the chance to review the Thomas and Friends Day to Night Projector, the only decision that needed to be made was who was going to try him out first! This is a lovely interactive toy as well as being a handy projector for night time. My two have always had some form of light in their bedrooms at bedtime and this {Read More}

Little Tikes Tyre Twister: Review

The kids have been playing with this Little Tikes RC Tyre Twister for a few weeks now and they both love it. I thought the actual car would be like any other remote control car but with the added fun of the tyre. I am surprised to say that it’s not though; it’s better. It’s a double sided racing car that doesn’t fail to impress. The element that the kids love the most is that you can control each side {Read More}

Balance Bikes or Stabilisers –  What’s the Best Route for Pre- Schoolers?

Every year bicycles take pride of place on little boys’ and girls’ letters to Santa, so what better time for us to call on iconic British bike brand Raleigh to examine the question asked by many parents as their little ones set out on the first stages of the cycling journey: Are balance bikes or stabilisers best for little ones learning to ride a two- wheeler? Raleigh’s Michelle Jakeway, mum to two under 5s, takes us through the options. “Ever since {Read More}

The Reward Box: review

If your child is anything like mine, they can be little angels and then, out of nowhere, something happens and they are in the middle of the most epic of tantrums. We all know that we shouldn’t encourage this behaviour with attention but sometimes it is just impossible to ignore. Well knowing that we should only praise the positive and ignore, placate, give in to, try to minimise any reaction we give towards tantrums, the Reward Box have come up {Read More}

Octonauts Remote Cotrol Gup-K: Review

If you have a fan of Octonauts in your house, the Octonauts Gup K won’t fail to disappoint. The Octonauts Remote Control Gup K is the ultimate swamp utility vehicle and will provide your little adventurer with hours of fun. Used as a standalone toy or as a wider part of the Octonauts set, the remote-controlled Gup K races along with a really simple to use remote control; so simple in face that my 18-month-old can use it. As well {Read More}