Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue: Review

If your little one loves Paw Patrol, Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue and Rocky’s Barn Rescue would make an ideal gift. Not only would they be entertained for hours racing hovercrafts, cars and trucks around the tracks, they can use additional play figures to create their own Adventure Bay scenarios.

The Lighthouse Rescue track is the bigger of the two sets with 13 track pieces, including a special Wally track piece. Included are a light-up lighthouse, dock track piece, 2 PAW Patrol figures (one is attached to Zuma’s Hovercraft vehicle).

Rocky’s Barn Rrescue is the smaller and simpler of the sets with 9 track pieces, including Rocky’s rotating door barn, Farmer Al in his racer and a Rocky mini-figure.

Great Quality for Endless Fun

The track and set are fantastic quality and are brilliantly easy to put together. Even with two wonderful helpers, it took only a couple of minutes to slot everything into place. For me, as a parent, toys need to be sturdy and robust for them to last. The strong and substantial design of the track means that both my children can play together with this without me worrying that it will break under the slightest of pressures.

From the children’s point of view, they love the endless possibilities of play they can have with these sets. The lighthouse is their favourite element of both the sets combined. All their play begins at the lighthouse regardless of where their story takes them. They both love how they can make the lighthouse light turn on by pushing the button on the top. simulates the flashing of a lighthouse light too instead of being on continuously which is great. It also conserves the battery in case it was left on!

We already had a few Paw Patrol figures so, for the most part, the children are happy to leave the flying Skye on her spinner; once she has reached her destination, the other Skye figures come into play.

Cause and Effect or Imagination

Benjamin delights in being able to free Wally from the net he has been caught up in the cause and effect and will race Zuma’s hovercraft or other cars down the ramp repeatedly just to see the net flick up. The release lever for the cars can easily pop off if it’s pulled a little too hard which is good as it means it won’t snap.

Isabella, being four and a half, is definitely more into creating stories and immersing herself in the imaginative play element rather than the simpler cause and effect element. She will often try to include Benjamin (who is two) in her story but doesn’t mind when he doesn’t ‘do as he’s told’.

The whole set is easy to put together in different set ups as well as take apart for easy storage. The colours are bright and engaging and you have stickers you could add to the set if you wanted. Isabella prefers to use the stickers on cards and paper so we didn’t add them to the set.

Each set comes with a vehicle and character. The Lighthouse Rescue Track comes with a mini Skye and a Zuma attached to his hovercraft. I think it would be better if the characters where detachable from their vehicles so you could add to the play element. As we already have a couple of characters, it hasn’t made too much difference, but this could be an issue if you don’t have any other figures.

We have been so impressed with these sets that other’s have been put on Isabella’s birthday list for August!


  1. My kids birthday’s coming up, as she’s an avid Paw Patrol fan, I think this toy might be a winner! Thanks for the detailed review!

    • You’re so welcome. This is a wonderful toy and my two have loved playing with it daily! I think your daughter will love it!

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