Wickey Sandpit: Review

At the start of the summer, we were offered the chance to review the Wickey Sandpit and thought it would be perfect to keep the children entertained over the summer holidays. Wickey create lots of outdoor climbing frames and play equipment, wooden swing sets as well as their flipp sandpits and have several different sizes of the sandpit available including 110x125cm, 120x125cm, 110x165cm, 130x165cm and 150x165cm. We received the 110x125cm sandpit but decided to make it square instead so that it would fit better in the space we have designated for it.

When it arrived, the Wickey sandpit came flat packed which meant we’d have to find some time to lay it all out and put it together. The one thing that instantly struck me was the need to drill pilot holes before assembly. This was a bit of a pain as I would have been more than happy to put it together myself had it not needed the pilot holes drilled.

After the holes were drilled, it was straight forward enough to put together and went together quite quickly (even when there were a couple of smaller helpers!) The wood seems quite soft to drill into but it should be strong enough to last. The green wood is boiler pressure impregnated which means it doesn’t need paint or varnish and claims to be extremely weatherproof.

What I loved

One of the elements I love the most about the sandpit is of course the flip lid that transforms into two benches either side of the sandpit; providing hours of fun for the children without getting their bottoms damp sitting in the sand.

The other element I like about having the seats inside the sandpit is that more of the sand stays inside the sandpit instead of the floor surrounding it.

Room for improvement?

For me, one of the main negatives about the sandpit is that tetracycline 500mg buy online there is no bottom to the sandpit. You can purchase a safe sand foil to go underneath which will help to keep any creepy crawlies or weeds from getting inside (from beneath) but ideally, I’d prefer a more solid bottom.

My other slight issue with the sandpit is the gaps in the top of the sandpit lid. Although it doesn’t affect play in the slightest, if you have trees with needles for example, they fall through the gaps and get into the sand. It also means that bugs and creepy crawlies can crawl into the sandpit from the top. Using a couple of extra slats of wood would help prevent this in my eyes and would make the sandpit much better.

Sadly for us, our shed delivery was postponed and subsequently the sandpit isn’t in its permanent location yet. The door to the new shed is on the adjacent wall meaning we can put the sandpit right up against the shed. This has meant that we haven’t filled it with a huge amount of sand and have actually made more use of it as a ball pit for the time being.

What else can you use the Wickey Flippey sandpit for?

This sandpit has found a range of uses in our garden. As well as being a sandpit, it’s also a ball pit, a stage for talent shows, a toy tidy and a bench for enjoying an ice cream in the glorious weather.

The children have loved this new addition to the garden and will continue to use it for a long time yet. They are so excited that most mornings they go and play straight after breakfast still in their pjs! They are most definitely excited to use it completely filled with sand too (pictures to follow as soon as it’s in place!)

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  1. Bob Belton says:


    We have also purchased a Wickey Sandpit and were amazed to find that it had no base. Also had to start drilling to fix it. In effect, you’re just buying some wood to build your own sandpit. I would avoid this and find a supplier of real sandpits

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