Nelsons Teetha Granules

When you have a screaming baby or toddler who just won’t be calmed because their teeth are bothering them, and you don’t want your first response to be paracetamol or ibuprofen, you should try Nelsons Teetha. When both of my children were babies, we inevitably had a few really horrible days and nights due to teething. It was difficult to know what to do to help them as they would work themselves up into a real state. Recent research conducted {Read More}

Chalkola Chalk Markers

We’ve used chalk boards with the children to help them write and for playing with but the dust always gets everywhere and the colours aren’t particularly bight. They do need quite a bit of shaking and dabbing before the ink comes out smoothly but once the ink is flowing, the pens write so well. Chalkola have changed that! They have come up with chalk pens which write beautifully and have the brightest colour and vibrancy to them. They are relatively {Read More}

Balance Bikes or Stabilisers –  What’s the Best Route for Pre- Schoolers?

Every year bicycles take pride of place on little boys’ and girls’ letters to Santa, so what better time for us to call on iconic British bike brand Raleigh to examine the question asked by many parents as their little ones set out on the first stages of the cycling journey: Are balance bikes or stabilisers best for little ones learning to ride a two- wheeler? Raleigh’s Michelle Jakeway, mum to two under 5s, takes us through the options. “Ever since {Read More}

The Reward Box: review

If your child is anything like mine, they can be little angels and then, out of nowhere, something happens and they are in the middle of the most epic of tantrums. We all know that we shouldn’t encourage this behaviour with attention but sometimes it is just impossible to ignore. Well knowing that we should only praise the positive and ignore, placate, give in to, try to minimise any reaction we give towards tantrums, the Reward Box have come up {Read More}

Captain Fantastic Party: Review

It’s started already – we’ve had two birthdays already in the new school year and it always feels like there is a little bit of pressure to deliver on a child’s birthday. Do you ever feel like that? Well this year we decided to look into getting an entertainer to keep all the children amused for a few hours and take some of the pressure off the adults. Captain Fantastic swooped in and took full control. Captain Fantastic arrived nice {Read More}

Aquafresh Brush time App: Review

I’m not sure that I’ve met any child who actually likes brushing their teeth or who brushed their teeth for the required length of time (2 minutes) every day, let alone twice a day, as recommended by dentists. This is where Aquafresh have come in; they have designed an all singing, all dancing (and I mean this quite literally) Aquafresh brush time app that allows your child to choose a character, background and even song to listen to for the {Read More}

The Importance of Imaginative Play

If you’ve got children, you’ll be well versed in the concept of role play and I’m sure you would have heard of Vygotsky’s theory (even if you haven’t heard of Vygotsky himself) that imaginative play is essential for children to develop; essentially they learn through play. Imaginative play helps children to make sense of the world around them, acquire language and learn thinking skills. When taking part in role play, children have to have a dialogue with themselves or with {Read More}

Making Mealtimes Less Stressful

A busy mummy’s guide. I know as a busy parent that meal times can be a real stress; I either end up getting stuck in a rut and cooking the same thing week in, week out, or I struggle to get the dinner cooked at all because the kids are always under my feet and NEED  something desperately whilst I’m prepping the dinner. Well for all you busy parents, here’s my busy mummy guide to making meal time easier. Can {Read More}

Keeping the house tidy with kids!

As a busy parent who works part time, I’m always on the lookout for products that make cleaning up and tidying the house quick and effortless. I never seem to quite manage to keep on top of the house work; washing always needs doing, I hoover almost constantly and there’s always something on the floor, whether it be toys, slippers, socks, a sippy cup. No matter how much I pick up during the day, it never stays tidy for long. {Read More}

Primary School Placement Nerves

With places being offered in just under a week, I’m now just itching to hear where Isabella has been offered a primary place for school next year. It seems as though it’s the only thing spoken about on the playground at morning drop off at the moment too; parents making sure they can remember their login details, double, triple checking that it is indeed next Monday that we find out (from 11am) and of course, scoping out the competition – {Read More}