MessyWeekend Sunglasses

Are you looking for beautiful designer sunglasses without the hefty price tag? Well now you can with Scandinavian minimalist eyewear that is also eco-friendly and backed by MessyWeekend’s commitment to design and quality. MessyWeekend have a wide range of beautiful designer sunglasses (and snow goggles) to cover every look imaginable. From chunky frames to a more aviator style, you can find them here at a great price with the added bonus of helping to clean our oceans. My absolute favourites {Read More}

Micro Toy Box Collectibles – Series 1

If you love tiny toys and unboxing toys, you are going to go mad for these incredibly cute and supper detailed mini-toys! Taking some real classics and some of the more contemporary toys and games and shrinking them to minute replicas, the new and super cute Micro Toy Box collectibles let your kids unbox some of the greatest toys ever made and there are over 50 to collect! Each toy is around 2-3cms long and come in their own packaging {Read More}

Gift ideas for 9 year olds

With my eldest turning 9 at the end of the month, and with Christmas (I know I shouldn’t mention it yet!) not too far away either, I thought I’d write a post for some inspiration as I find this age quite tricky to buy for sometimes. So, what sort of things do 9 year olds want? Well, I know mine wants a phone but we have vetoed that until she is 11. So what else is on her mind? All {Read More}

7 Creative Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Extraordinary

A beautiful wedding is always etched into our minds because we want to create a beautiful memory- a memory to cherish forever.  You know wedding arrangements take effort, but all effort is paid off when you see people enjoy and have a blast – after all a wedding is a grand celebration.  Now drumroll, please because we are going to spill the beans on how to get dream wedding: make it your own!  Yes, we often take inspiration from other’s {Read More}

How Important is Kitchen Flooring Planning? 

From the cooking of food to the washing of clothes, the kitchen requires a flooring option that can withstand heavy foot traffic from all directions and look stunning whilst doing it. So the reason why everyone looks to Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring for the solution to this is simple; It doesn’t compromise on style whilst meeting the ongoing demands of the kitchen. Warmth Whilst many homeowners feel the desire to opt for real wood or stone flooring throughout the kitchen, {Read More}

Things to do this summer

With summer fast approaching and the holidays well and truly upon us, my mind has turned to how to fill up the summer holidays. With this in mind I thought I would share some ideas with you and hopefully provide you with some inspiration. Staycation With foreign holidays being so up in the air, we decided to book a UK staycation again this year. After the trauma of our cancelled holiday last year, we just felt a staycation would be {Read More}

Origin Hybrid Mattress Review

*Collaborative Post* Being a mum is a good thing, but it is not easy. Sometimes I barely get enough sleep because I have to deal with stress and back pain from cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my two kids. Moms often get overlooked when it comes to getting quality sleep, but they need to sleep well too! You need a good mattress that will provide enough support and comfort while relieving pain from your back, neck, hips, and joints. {Read More}

Looking for artwork to spruce up your home?

Whether you work from home or just want to make your house a home, taking the time to consider your wall space and how to dress it, can have a huge impact on your home décor. Turning a drab wall into something spectacular doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. For a simple, quick and cost effective way of creating that wow factor, you can shop for incredible art work at Whatever the room, Photowall has a wide {Read More}

Relocating to Malaysia with Children – A Few Tips for Parents

*Collaborative Post* Moving to another country is hard no matter your situation, but even more so if you have children. You have to look at things such as education, daycare, transportation, and healthcare among other things. Then there’s the fact that children don’t always deal as well with relocation. These are all things that you have to be prepared for if you want to be able to adapt yourself quickly and get comfortable in your new home. Let’s take a {Read More}

How to get your child interested in nature

Fun, exciting and educational — just some of the ways to describe the benefits of getting your family out and about in nature. But how can you get them engaged in the wonders of the natural world? Your local community, school or nursery like Kiddi Caru, may be taking the initiative to encourage your child to explore the outdoors and nature, and so why not try to do the same! Take inspiration from their activities and extend them to your {Read More}