Jewellery inspiration for your fella

*collaborative post* Sometimes men can be quite hard to buy for but Hello Ice have come together to give you all the inspiration you need. Founded by 7 young and passionate boys who all love the hip hop vibe, and based in Los Angeles, Hello Ice are here to help with your man’s jewellery needs. And with free standard shipping worldwide, what could be better? Chains It’s not just women who love jewellery, men do too and sometimes their options are {Read More}

Moissanite Wedding Bands

*collaborative post* Getting married is such a special time of your life that you ‘ll want to make it perfect. Shesaidyes is the there for you from the very beginning. There is such a wonderful range of beautiful and simply stunning rings for you to choose from including these absolutely stunning halo rings. The halo engagement ring features a central gemstone which is then encircled by a single or double line of smaller gems to add that extra bling factor. {Read More}

Rings Rings Rings

Whatever the occasion, rings are always a symbol of love and here are three types of rings that mark special points in your relationship. Jeulia are here to offer you a wonderful choice of all three rings. The Promise Ring A promise ring is a really beautiful sentiment which has recently become more popular. While at one time it might have been associated with young love and teenagers, the actual meaning and gesture behind a promise ring is much more {Read More}

How Breaking A Bad Habit Can Help You Live A Healthier Life

*collaborative post* Change can be good. It can mark the beginning of a fresh start. People know that they sometimes need to change to reach set goals. One goal that many share is living a healthier life. With seven in ten adults across the UK wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, finding the motivation and sticking to it can be challenging. Knowing the advantages of breaking a bad habit could be the motivational push a person needs. Here is how breaking {Read More}

Caring for houseplants: ensuring they grow, thrive, and make your home more charming

It’s easy to love plants. They make you feel closer to nature, and caring for them can be downright meditative. Indoor gardening is enjoying its moment in the spotlight at the moment, with a surge in popularity, meaning that more and more people are looking to bring pot plants into their homes. One of the reasons for this is the science-backed health benefits of plants. Not only are they linked to a reduction in stress levels, but they can also {Read More}

Is now a good time to buy your council house?

*collaborative post* Well, firstly you may ask, how exactly does council housing differ from normal residential housing and how did it come about? Council housing was first introduced in the UK in 1890 via the Housing of the Working Classes Act as a way to eradicate slums and improve the living conditions of the working classes. The very first council estate appeared on Boundary Street between Bethnal Green and Shoreditch in the East End of London shortly afterwards. In the {Read More}

IMO Q2 Pro Review

My daughter has been on at me non-stop for a phone for the past year giving me all the old lines of ‘but ALLLLLL my friends have one’ and ‘I can use it to stay safe when you’re not here’. But we’ve really had no need to buy her one as she’s only 9 – she’s a summer born baby so the youngest in her year. She will be moving up to year 6 in September and when most of {Read More}

Driving Your Own Car as a Learner – Everything You Need to Know

*Collaborative Post* Learning to drive can be fun, exciting, and sometimes scary. If you are recently beginning to learn to drive, and you have your own car or are planning to get your own car before you pass your test, then driving is a bit different compared to driving once you have a full license. Although you don’t need to be with a qualified instructor to drive before you pass your driving test, there are some rules and other considerations {Read More}

5 Surprising Positive Effects of Divorce on Children

Many are quick to presume that divorce will only negatively impact their children, but that isn’t necessarily always the case. In this article, we talk about the 5 surprisingly positive effects of divorce on children. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Divorce can be hard for everyone involved, especially those directly impacted, such as children caught in the middle. While divorce can have a significant emotional impact on children, it can also have a positive effect on them. Since the {Read More}

5 Tips for Parents on Working, Studying and Teaching from Home

*Collaborative Post* Combining study and work is always a challenging task that leaves no spare time. Students who work part-time always experience a lot of stress. However, combining education, working, and teaching a kid from home becomes even more complicated. Parents have a lot of responsibilities that cannot be compromised. In case you’re one of them, look no further. Scroll down below and find the top five recommendations to help you get rid of stress and cope with all the {Read More}