Nestlings Pet : Review

The super cute, super sweet and super snugly Nestlings have arrived just in time for the Christmas market. With Children beginning to write their lists, Nestlings have landed just in time to become a big hit. As soon as both my children set eyes on their new Nestling, they were giddy with excitement to see what it did. Isabella instantly set to cuddling and stroking this cute, fluffy animal and wanted to know exactly how to care for her Nestling. {Read More}

Top Tips When Travelling to America

So you’ve decided that you want to travel to America, now you need to make sure you’ve got everything you need. When entering any country, you need to make sure you have the right visa and entry requirements to ensure a stress free entry and America is no different. The United States of America is one of the most popular travel spots in around the world with Florida and New York hitting the top spots. However, to ensure your travel {Read More}

SodaStream Spirit

If you love your fizzy water but you are trying to reduce your plastic waste, have you considered getting yourself a Soda Stream Spirit? I always wanted a SodaStream as a child but we never got one so when I was offered the chance to review one, I couldn’t pass it up. What’s in the box? The day the SodaStream Spirit arrived, I got it straight out the box and set it up. It’s so easy to assemble; you just {Read More}

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review

With Christmas right around the corner, the children have begun to compose their Christmas lists in the form of a long list of ‘I want that … oh and that’ but there are a few things that they have seen that keep popping up on their ‘lists’. Pop Pop Hair Surprise The new Pop Pop Hair Surprise toys are going to be a huge hit this Christmas and the thing I like as a parent are they are multi-functional so {Read More}

Long Journey? How You Can Keep The Kids Entertained

*collaborative post* The long car journey can quite easily turn into a nightmare if you haven’t prepared properly. And that’s without the kids in the back seats. If you are taking children away on a long journey it pays to not only be prepared, but to ensure you have plans to keep them entertained. For the sake of your own health, think about how you can make it better for everyone. Granted, every child is different and it may take {Read More}

Top Tips for Better Heart Health

Your heart is something most people take for granted. It beats without us having to think about it and keeps us moving. It’s a muscle that pumps our blood around our body day in day out. But have you ever thought about ways you can keep your heart healthy? Here are my 4 top tips for better heart health. Be Smoke Free This is probably the single best thing you can do to promote a healthy heart. Smoking damages the {Read More}

Go Glam Nail Stamper : Review

If you have a daughter who is obsessed with painting their nails, then the Go Glam Nail Stamper is a must have for the Christmas lists! Isabella will ask ALL THE TIME if she is allowed to have her nails painted and we often say no because she’s not allowed it at school. However without fail, she will do it every school holiday and occasionally for weekends. Well, when I surprised her with the Go Glam Nail Stamper, I thought {Read More}

Baby Born surprise : Review

With collectible toys becoming ever more popular, it’s no surprise that more are being released. Baby Born Surprise is a sweet addition to the collectible blind bag toys and both my two loved opening theirs to see who they got. The Baby is nestled in a sweet egg shape with a pink Baby Born Surprise embellished swaddle masking the doll inside. It reminds me a bit of a baby being delivered by a stork and the children loved cradling the {Read More}

Making Your Home Space Work For You

We are in the middle of our building works – I would have hoped to have a little more to update you on but we’ve had a few delays, which I won’t get into here -but now things are getting back on track, my mind is turning to the decoration. We’ve decided to extend the kitchen in the hopes to create a much more family friendly space that we can all use and enjoy. Previously, whenever I’ve been cooking, the {Read More}

Family Tickets leave single parents out of pocket

*Collaborative Post* Having just reached the end of the Summer Holidays and having gone on quite a few days out (some without my husband as he started a new job) with the children, it shocked me to see how much more expensive it was to go as a ‘single’ parent with two children. Lots of families in today’s society aren’t your stereotypical two adults and two children but I don’t think it really occurred to me how different the prices {Read More}