Should you buy an old home or a new home?

*collaborative Post* This is office chit-chat gold. Mainly because everyone who works in the office lives in either an old home or a new home, and everyone is eager to win the argument over whether it’s best to buy old or new. Of course, for most people, it’s a matter of what’s available and within budget at the time. But what if timing and budget were a little more, sort of, not important. What if we had all the time {Read More}

Simple ways to strengthen everyone’s immune system

*Collaborative Post* The coronavirus crisis has impacted all of us in many ways. It has made many of us pause for thought and think about changing some of our bad habits. As a result, many of us want to improve our health and that of our families. In particular to boost everyone’s immune system. Something that takes time but is relatively easy to achieve. Quit smoking as soon as possible If you still smoke, try to give it up. Numerous {Read More}

How the Easter Bunny can visit During Covid-19

With Families still in lock-down for the foreseeable and children perhaps worried about whether the Easter Bunny might make it come Easter, Town & Country are selling their Easter selection of delicious treats online. Pros They are sold in bulk so you can either stock up on a shed load of chocolate to see you through!! Or you could get into the community spirit and spread some Easter love with your neighbours. You could decide to club together or just surprise {Read More}

The Importance Outdoor Play for Kids

In these times where we are inside more often than not, the children are beginning to find it harder and harder to burn off their energy. Benjamin (5) is finding being stuck inside most difficult. One thing they are missing a lot, aside from actually being at school with their friends, is the play equipment. I think the children rely on play much more than we realise in their school day and after a week of home schooling, I think {Read More}

Geomag Confetti Review and Giveaway!

With everyone staying home for ‘for the foreseeable’ and being tasked with ‘home educating’ two children, when I was offered the change to review the Geomag Confetti 127 piece Kit, I was more than happy to oblige. Not only will it mean I can have a coffee in peace, but it will also be a valuable resource for the children and their learning. We have had some of the larger magnetic building toys before but the Geomag Confetti Set is {Read More}

Top 10 ideas to keep the kids entertained

With everyone being asked to #stayhome for what seems like an eternity, Little Tikes have come up with 10 top tips to keep the kids entertained. There is nothing worse than bored children being cooped up inside for weeks on end. Making sur you are prepared is one way you can help stop the meltdowns and try to enjoy some family time together! With over 50 years of play experience, Little Tikes has pulled together its top ten tips to {Read More}

How to save money on a budget

*Collaborative Post* Craig was my best friend when I was seven years old. I remember that we were seven because for his seventh birthday party, his family could only afford for him to have one friend come around for a sort of mini-party, with food, a swing tennis set, a small cake, and a large “7” balloon in silver foil. His parents were out of work, and I used to share my comic books with him. One day, he asked {Read More}

Keeping Your Car Insurance Premium Low

*Collaborative Post* Car insurance is one of those must-have expenditures we all wish we didn’t have to pay, especially on the years where you never make a claim. However, it is a legal requirement, so there is no choice, but being such a populated market, you do have a choice on where to purchase it, so you are very welcome to shop around and I would advise using a comparison service such as There are a few things you {Read More}

Precious Gifts Any New Parent Will Love

Being a new parent is the most exciting thing that anyone can have. It is always an experience that friends and family members would want to celebrate together with new parents. However, selecting a gift for a new parent can be a daunting task. The following is a list of gifts that a new parent will love: Photobooks A photo book is one of the best gifts you can purchase for a new parent. There’s nothing precious as preserving the {Read More}

IKEA’s Secret to Success

IKEA’s Secret to Success *Collaborative Post* Do you want to know how IKEA became so successful? IKEA’s success was not done overnight. Its story begins way back in 1943. IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) was founded in the year 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. It was a mail-order Sales Business but gradually begun to sell furniture five years later. The first store of IKEA was opened in Smaland in the year 1958. Now, IKEA group owns 433 stores all over the {Read More}