BT 200 Digital Baby Monitor

The BT 200 Digital Monitor is a truly wonderful invention! I really love this product and can’t speak highly enough about it. When leaving my baby upstairs alone for the first time, I was really anxious that something terrible would happen and this monitor really gave me the peace of mind I needed. I could hear Isabella breathing and snuffling away really clearly; the HD sound quality is great. Depending on what you are doing in the house, you can adjust the {Read More}

Gro-Egg Thermometer

The Gro-Egg Thermometer is an incredibly accurate room thermometer with the added bonus of doubling up as a night light; the egg changes colour depending on the current room temperature meaning that regardless of the time of day, I can see at a glance if my baby’s room is at the right temperature. As a first time mum I found this concept really useful as I had no idea about how warm or cool a baby’s room needed to be. {Read More}

Baby Sensory

Going from working in a busy school five days a week to staying at home looking after my daughter was a bit of a shock. While I absolutely love being at home with Isabella, I missed the adult contact and interaction I got from work so I started to research baby classes that I could join. After a lot of research, I found Baby Sensory which is a sensory programme which is suitable from birth. It not only looked like {Read More}

Kidsline Whipstitch Changing Bag

This is a lovely, stylish changing bag which looks just like a handbag with all the space, and pockets needed for all those baby products. The faux leather looks good but up close you can tell it’s not real leather. However, I think if you were to use this bag everyday for a year, the faux leather would start to look worn and tatty. The inside of this bag is lovely and spacious and has plenty of room for nappies {Read More}

Storksak – Nina Changing Bag

The Storksak Nina Changing Bag is a lovely big changing bag with plenty of room for everything you might need to take out with you. It is very pretty and doesn’t look like a normal changing bag (gone are the days of my handbags) so I still feel like I have a pretty bag when I go out and about. Not only does this bag look good (I have had countless compliments when out) it is practical too. Its exterior {Read More}

Caboo Close Sling

My daughter Isla is now 11 weeks old but took us by surprise by arriving early. In our first weeks it wasn’t easy for us to have the usual physical contact mums have as she was in SCBU so for Isla and I using the Caboo Close Sling has allowed us to catch up on much needed physical closeness. Isla loves to sleep on me and I find she really settles well in the Caboo, plus it leaves me with {Read More}


I though the Mamascarf was a brilliant idea as I was slightly self-conscious about breast feeding in public. Mamascarf says it is a breastfeeding scarf / nursing cover providing comfort, support, discretion and style. I however would have to disagree; the scarf really didn’t live up to my expectations. I tried using the Mamascarf when Isabella was just a week old and I found that she was already too big to fit comfortably in this scarf; she was 8lb 1oz when she {Read More}

Mamas and Papas Dream Swing – Fun on the Farm

              My mum bought me this swing when I was still pregnant with my little one and I couldn’t wait to use it. With its bright and fun design, it’s suitable for both boys and girls and as I didn’t know what I was having, it was perfect! I was a little disappointed at first as I thought I would have to wait until my baby could sit up on her own before I {Read More}

Mamas & Papas MAGIC Stargaze Playmat

The Mamas & Papas MAGIC Stargaze Playmat is designed from birth upwards and I think it’s a brilliant buy. Mamas and Papas describe their MAGIC Stargaze playmat as an interactive touch pad mat with an arch that holds pull toys to trigger lights and sounds to stimulate baby’s development. It comes with one Musical Fun magic card pack (4 additional ones are available at £16 each), a cushion to help with tummy time, teething toys and a movable mirror. The {Read More}

Dreambaby Dulux Bath Seat

The Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat with Foam is a great design and really useful product especially for parents who have more than one little one to look after! I absolutely love this bath seat! I look after my 8 month old godson as well as my baby girl. When trying to bath my little girl, my godson always wants to get in the bath too. I however found it too hard to have them both in the bath at the same {Read More}