3 in 1 convertible book, playmat and submarine: Review

If you’re looking for a book that gives just a little bit more, you need to take a look at the 3 in 1 Convertible books available from Miles Kelly Publishing. We’ve been playing with the submarine and a couple of its every growing convertible family. I am an avid reader (when I find the time) and both my children love books too. We have books in every room of the house so they can always pick one up wherever they are but the convertible books are really special.


The lovely people at Miles Kelly Publishing sent us over a few of their 3 in 1 convertible books to try out and they have been a huge hit from day one. They are a great size to allow little ones to explore, learn and play. You can read them like a normal, albeit slightly larger, book; you can open it up and use it as a play mat or your children can really get lost in their imagination and use it as a submarine! It really is brilliant.

They story is really sweet and easy to follow so even if your children can’t read yet, they can enjoy the story and know where it’s going. Isabella has even learnt it by heart so can ‘read’ it to her little brother – it’s so sweet to see. The images are bright, colourful and really capture your imagination.

Isabella is 3-years-old and when she’s playing on her own, these are perfect toys for conjuring up imaginative play as she can interact with the book and live in her own magical underwater world. We’ve even used duvets and blankets on the floor to simulate the water and add an extra element to it.

I would say though that if there is more than one of them playing at a time I try to help them get in and out. As they are only 3, they get very excited and their balance isn’t always brilliant so when they climb in and out of the submarine, they tend to use the book to rest on while they lift themselves out; this has caused some wear on the seams. I haven’t noticed it as much when they are playing individually as I don’t think they get in and out of it as much.


The other thing to note is that the book uses clear plastic tabs and Velcro to secure it all together. This works really well as it can easily be opened or put away. However, the section that is used for the windshield doesn’t always stay upright. I think the plastic strips are a little too long and it just means the card flops around a little. Isabella chooses to keep this section down now as it frustrated her to keep trying to get it to stay put. This doesn’t affect her imaginative play at all but I thought I should state it.

I love that once you’ve finished reading or playing with it, it folds away nicely and can be stored with ease. There are many different convertible books available including my personal favorite, the pirate ship but there will be something to suit any personality!

These are brilliant books and I will certainly buy more in the future. I might wait until Benjamin is a little older though as he just wants to climb in and out but can’t without it toppling over. These would make for a really brilliant present for any occasion and are well worth the £13.49 that they are currently reduced to.

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