‘Isabella and the shy mermaid’ from Amazing Pages


Books and reading really do play such an important role in our household. The more interested in reading, the better in my eyes. One way we have found to totally immerse small people in books is to make it about them!

 Ok, so we’ve never had any problems with getting Isabella into books, in fact, we have to limit the amount we read at night but she adores books that are about her; Amazing Pages pulled out all the stops and have created gorgeous personalised stories that go the extra mile.

There are currently three books on offer with more in the pipeline for 2016! There is (Child’s name) and the lazy llama, (Child’s name) Space Patrol alien catcher and (child’s name) and the shy mermaid. All of the books can be personalised with the child’s name, a friend’s name, where they live, their favourite toy and even a personal thing like a time when they felt shy. While you can upload a photo, there is also the option to use the character-customiser to match your child to the character drawn.

We chose to create ‘Isabella and the shy mermaid’. The thing I love the most about this story is that it’s actually a well thought out and slightly longer story. Many of the personalised books we’ve had in the past have been brilliant but quite short and as Isabella gets older, she’s more interested in exploring the plot and discovering all she can about the story.

 Amazing pages have done a great job with the artwork and manage to work in the photo really well so it doesn’t look like a floating head on a page; the head moves ever so slightly with the character depending on what they are doing.

 The illustrations are bright, colourful and engaging all the way through with lots of added detail.

 The story is captivating and enchanting and would make the perfect gift for any little girl this Christmas. And because the process is so simple (it really will only take you 5 minutes at most), you’ve still got time to order in time for the big day! All orders must be placed by SUNDAY to ensure a Christmas delivery though so make sure you’re quick – there’s even 15% off all books until then so head on over!

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