My Little Adventurer Book Review and Competition

There’s nothing more enjoyable in the evening than sitting down with the children before bed and snuggling up together with a new story. We love reading in our house and without fail, we read two stories a night to the children. However, as much as I look forward to this special time together, sometimes the children pick the same books night after night. They seem to love the repetition of the story and anticipating what happens but from a parent’s perspective, reading the same story night after night can have you speed reading just to get to the end.

This is where My Little Adventurer come in! My Little Adventurer have two personalised stories for your children to choose from.However, far from being a simple book which includes their name,  My Little Adventurer have gone a step further and have created a wonderful book to engage your child and give them the power to choose how the story pans out.

At the bottom of selected pages throughout the book, your child will be able to choose which way they story should go. Should they take path a? (turn to page X) or should they take path b? (turn to page Y). This element of choice really excited my daughter – who at five absolutely loves getting lost in stories. She was so excited about the possibilities the story held that we had to read the book three times that night just so she could experiment and change the storyline.

Because of the variety within the plot, reading the same story doesn’t have to mean you read the same plot night after night. Although you will only end up with one of two outcomes, you can change the route to the end of the story and explore all the possibilities.

As well as having variety within the story itself, what we love as a family about this book is the ability it has to spark new ideas and creative thinking. By opening up the idea of a changing story, we are able to discuss other imaginative outcomes that we’d like to happen. Discussion is not only fun, but it’s also beneficial to helping your children learn and think about what they are reading and the world around them.

Two to choose from

When deciding on which quest-style adventure book we wanted, we firstly considered the stories we already had at home. We decided that Grandpa’s Old Watch, a story about time travel and adventure, was least like any of the stories we already own and eagerly anticipated its arrival. We haven’t been disappointed by it either. As well as being a magical story full of adventure and mystery, its beautiful illustrations add to its brilliance.

The books are made with a hardbound, matte finished cover. Inside, the pages are printed on glossy paper with a weight of 200 grams. There are 36 pages including front and back cover and the overall size is 29.7 x 21.0 cm. Not only do these books make for wonderful reading but they would make brilliant gifts too.

Isabella said that the best part of the book is “how you can change the story every time and you can make it do more exciting things if you want to”. Here’s what else she had to say!!

We have really enjoyed getting creative with My Little Adventurer and think it’s only fair to offer you the chance to see how brilliant these book are for yourself so we’re offering you the chance to win one for yourself – you will be sent a code so you can choose the perfect book for you.

For your chance to win one, fill in the Rafflecopter entry and be sure to leave a comment answering this question.

If you woke up on a desert island, how would you like to end your adventure?

In the spirit of being adventurous and imaginative, be as creative as you can (you don’t have to wake up alone on your island!).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is for 1 x My Little Adventurer Personalised Book . The giveaway closes at 12.00am (GMT) on 29.07.18 and is open to UK entrants over the age of 18 years.

The winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter and contacted within three days of the giveaway closing. The winner has 28 days to claim their prize and provide their contact details. The prize will be sent to the winner directly from My Little Adventurer. The prize is non-transferable. There is no cash alternative. The giveaway is run by What Mummy Thinks in conjunction with My Little Adventurer.


  1. I would have my kids with me and learn to free dive with them and enjoy the weather before signalling for a boat rescue and making our way home maybe a year later.

  2. iain maciver says:

    a big fry up before I leave

  3. I would swim with dolphins.

  4. amanda w says:

    i would wake up with the sun shining down on me in a lovely bikini having woken up to find i now have the figure of a supermodel!
    id get up and take a little walk around and find that im actually in paradise and that all the waiters are topless hunks!
    id spend 2 whole weeks there enjoying the peace and freedom and then by some miracle id wake up back at home with my 2 munchkins jumping on me saying yes mummys home!!!

  5. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Peace and quiet – a whole day to myself to sit relax and soak up the sun

  6. Jo Carroll says:

    That’s a great question 😉 I’d probably be okay if I had my mobile, a solar charger, infinate credit on my credit card – I wish…and Amazon could deliver…hehe!!

  7. Victoria N says:

    I’d love a day to myself with a good book, no noise or distractions from phone or kids!

  8. Karen Barrett says:

    I could live being stranded if I had my family with me, the perfect adventure!

  9. Tammy Tudor says:

    i would build an island theme park! a coconut shy, rides and stalls

  10. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I would see my hubby and dogs were there too and then we would find a deserted luxurious villa stocked with lovely food and champagne. After about 6 months we would be rescued and grudgingly leave

  11. Rachel Craig says:

    Oh, Bliss! :- Peace and Quiet. Restful and Relaxing. Once Recuperated, I’d like the company of my fiancé. We would be thrilled to find a Wonderful Hotel, which is catered to meet our every need for Free.

    We would go to the Spa for a wonderfully relaxing massage. Thereafter going to our adjoining room to dress for a delicious dinner ( choosing our outfits from a well stocked walk-in wardrobe).

    There would be delightful entertainment following dinner. Possibly some songs from Jane McDonald, and Susan Boyle.

    Our family and friends would visit us from time to time (when invited).

    At some point I would grudgingly wake up from such a truly delightful Dream.

  12. The whole island would be an active volcano and it would explode causing everyone (me included) to flee on rafts made of coconut wood, obsessed with volcanoes at the mo cos of all the recent mesmerizing lava footage

  13. Maeva Devilette says:

    Build a house and stay there forever with my family

  14. leanne weir says:

    I would love a day to myself to write my memoirs

  15. Ruth Harwood says:

    Find the highest point, build a little shack and sit reading with the view ahead of me and a wonderful fire in front of me!

  16. I’d like to go full on fantasy novel – find an enchanted lake, a mermaid in a lagoon, a fairy or two, and then a dragon to fly me home…

  17. Rich Tyler says:

    I’d make friends with tree monkeys!

  18. Sally Collingwood says:

    I would wake up with my hubby and cat in a luxury villa.

  19. Michelle Smith says:

    Swimming with dolphins and eating loads of exotic fruits.

  20. Tee Simpson says:

    Probably with a big party with my friends and family.

  21. Jamie Millard says:

    most people try to build a boat to escape. But escaping to sea is dangerous and chances of success are slim. You might as well reach for the stars and try to build a rocket. There’s a volcano on the island that is ready to erupt that would launch your rocket. A new adventure awaits.

  22. Laura Britton says:

    With a spot of sunbathing and a cocktail

  23. claire griffiths says:

    it would have to end by watching teh dolphins swimming in the sea as long as my family were with me

  24. kris mc says:

    A good books all I need/

  25. Lynn Neal says:

    I would love to take time over a romantic meal with by husband beside the sea!

  26. Abigail says:

    I’d love to spend the day meeting all the wildlife and seeing all the plants. I like to think that i’d wake up with my pets and a library of books. I’d end the adventure with very creative coconut cooking recipes and a parrot bff.

  27. Kim Neville says:

    WIth my family having fun at a big theme park and water Park 😁

  28. Amy Moore says:

    I would wake up with my toddler and a friendly dragon that would fly us around the island and help us to find plants to eat

  29. Jessica Quinn says:

    We found the hidden treasure which meant that we never had to work again, and then a private jet came to pick us up and take us to our new mansion!

  30. Gill Mitchell says:

    I would see a helicopter flying overhead and light a fire so that they could see me and come and rescue me!

  31. rosemary wright says:

    Exploring the island I came across a palm tree that looked slightly out of place. The trunk was larger in diameter than the other trees and there was a hole at waist height. I gingerly put my hand inside and found there was a lever which I pulled and the trunk opened like a door. A lot of sandy steps going down and curiosity got the better of me and I went down the steps. Strangely it wasn’t dark, there were pictures on the wall, my Mum & Dad, my sister, my Nan & Grandad and more relatives every twist in the staircase. There were so many steps, should I go back? I kept going and was getting more and more tired until I slipped and bumped down lots and lots of steps. I stopped falling It was dark and the floor was hard and soft underneath me. Suddenly I looked around, there were curtains closed with sunlight coming through, I could feel sand under me, I had a sort of dress on, I banged my arm on something big behind me……… bed. I knew where I was ………… my bedroom, I must have fallen out of bed and landed on the floor, was it all a dream? but that didn’t explain why I was lying on top of a big pile of sand on the carpet.

  32. paula cheadle says:

    I would swim with the Dolphins, then be rescued by a handsome stranger

  33. jules eley says:

    By being rescued by a big ship and captain jack 😉

  34. A cold dip in a pool to read

  35. Rebecca Whatmore (@0zzyhog) says:

    I would spend it on the beach and in the sea with my husband and pets. There would also be a waiter there serving cocktails!

  36. Caitlin Kelly says:

    A day to myself sounds great soaking up the sun with some drink but I would miss my family so would build a lovely house and enjoy

  37. Adrian Bold says:

    I would find that it was a remote private island owned by a billionaire. He would not be there, but his huge high tech holiday home would be open to explore and live in.

  38. Hannah Scudder says:

    Find a handsome stranger on the island!

  39. Danielle Spencer says:

    I would love to find myself on bunny island in Japan – lay down and play with all the bunnies, leaving them some treats before I leave.

  40. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Spend the day exploring I have never been abroad so it would be a great experience

  41. Ashleigh Allan says:

    With my family and a big waterpark t9 have lots of fun at

  42. laura stewart says:

    exploring and finding new things x

  43. Nicola John says:

    I would like to wake up with My family with me…we build a wonderful tree house by a steam where we can fish and play in all day. We live blissfully for a month on the island together when we realise there is a secret tunnel that takes us back to our home… we can go.bsckwards and forwards between the2 whenever we want to live our normal day to day life and when we want time as a family together

  44. Colin Gault says:

    The largest Ulster Fry Ever

  45. Natalie Crossan says:

    I’d love to swim with dolphins and go jet skiing – 2 things i’ve never done

  46. Katie Hancock says:

    I would have my fiancee & kids with me – with them there anything would be fun!

  47. Claire Little says:

    by being rescued

  48. Taylor Robinson says:

    i would build an island theme park! a coconut shy, rides and stalls

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