Spot A Lot Vehicles Jigsaw

Paragon Book Buddies Isabella is a keen book worm and loves to read stories at every opportunity (being an English teacher, this is also something I am passionate about) so when I had the chance to become a Parragon Book Buddy, I was thrilled. Being a Book Buddy means that I will be sent a book once a month to review. In Isabella’s eyes, this is great as she will get a whole new set of books as the year {Read More}

Personalised Childrens Books

I place a lot of importance in reading with your little ones and have always encouraged Isabella to read. She has access to books both up and downstairs and will often ask for us to read to her. In fact, we have to limit her to two stories at bedtime otherwise she’d have us reading through the night. While it’s great that Isabella loves books, she will still always favour stories about her which is why she could hardly contain {Read More}

Princess Isabella’s Potty Book

As lots of you will know, we’ve not had the easiest run with potty training in terms of number 2s so when I got the chance to review Princess Isabella’s Potty from Penwizard, I jumped at the chance in the hope that it would help in potty training. If you’re interested in hearing more on my adventures, you can read it here. When you click on the book you wish to review, you get the chance to personalise the character {Read More}

Photobox Soft Baby Photobook

If your baby or toddler loves looking at photos but they haven’t quite learnt to be ‘gentle’ yet, this might be your solution; a soft, cuddly photobook that they can call their own. It’s a square book, 21cmx21cm an comes in a choice of five beautiful colours (blue, pink, red, green and sand) although on the product details page it looks like there is a purple option, there doesn’t seem to be when you start creating the book. You also {Read More}

‘Bizzy the Butterfly and the Creepy Crawly Co-operating Caterpillar’ Bookeo

  If you have a little one who loves stories, why not have a look at some of the Bookeo available at Bizzy the Butterfly is a cute character who goes on many different adventures. Their bookeos are interactive with lovely illustrations and puzzles to engage your little one. When played looks like actual pages of a book being turned but it also makes use of  the sounds and interactive nature of technology. They are perfect for young children {Read More}