Princess Isabella’s Potty Book

As lots of you will know, we’ve not had the easiest run with potty training in terms of number 2s so when I got the chance to review Princess Isabella’s Potty from Penwizard, I jumped at the chance in the hope that it would help in potty training. If you’re interested in hearing more on my adventures, you can read it here.

When you click on the book you wish to review, you get the chance to personalise the character in terms of name (including surname) sex, skin colour, hair style and hair colour, eye colour and optional glasses. It’s so easy to use and makes ordering a special book so simple.Princess Isabella

Princess Isabella 2

Having ordered, it was dispatched really quickly and arrived safely in just a couple of days. The hardback book’s quality is excellent.

I love the actual story inside the book – I had read the generic Princess Polly’s Potty before and loved it so much that I wanted to get it personalised for Isabella in the hope it would help her use the potty for number 2s. The story is almost identical which is great but there are small changes including the obvious name change which make it a little more personal to your little one.

I really love the attention to detail; not only is Isabella’s name on the front cover but it’s also in the blurb. I though that was a really sweet touch and would certainly make a slightly older child feel special (it was obviously lost on Isabella, being 2 and all!). As well as Isabella’s name being on the front and back, there is a personalised message on the first page and her full name is on the second page where the princess is introduced. The surname really makes the book personalised as there are lots of Isabella’s in the world.


Both the story and the images are great and very engaging for a toddler and Isabella often asks to read this book, especially if she is using the potty.


We have had the book for just over two weeks now and while we haven’t had any major miracles, we have had a small breakthrough in the way of Isabella using the toilet at pre-school for a number 2. She came home so proud and we talked for days after about how she is a real princess now.

I think Penwizard have really made this service easy, accessible and wonderfully personal. I can’t wait to personalise another book.


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