Sweet Cherry Publishing: Review – Dr Hedgehog, The Diaries of Robin’s Toys and A Case of Good Manners

Reading is an important activity in our house. Both children (and adults) love reading and I try to foster this love of reading by offering them a wide range of books to choose from.

When Sweet Cherry Publishing got in contact to see if I wanted to review any of their books, I was delighted. We were lucky enough to have been sent Dr Hedgehog 3 Book Collection, The Diaries of Robin’s Toys and A Case of Good Manners to try out.

Each set comes in its own case or box to keep the books together. I particularly like the ‘A Case of Good Manners’ collection as it comes in a little briefcase type box which is easy for the children to carry around and it quite novel too.

Getting to the actual stories:

Dr Hedgehog

The Dr Hedgehod series is lovely and has to be the firm favourite across the house. Cheeky Martin Mouse always seems to find himself in some sort of bother causing Mavis Mouse, his mother, to call upon the help of Dr Hedgehog.

Although these do form part of a set, they are stories which can be read independently of each other too.Each book comes with a gorgeously illustrated, large poster which Isabella loves to put on her wall.

The illustrations inside the books are charming and brightly coloured and really do capture the imaginations of little readers. Isabella is able to follow the story as I read and also make prediction about the story just by looking at the pictures.

Funnily enough, I’m sure most parents and children will be able to relate to Martin, Mavis or even Dr Hedgehog because of the bother they get into and the fact they never manage to finish a meal or cuppa without it going cold.In this set you have Dr Hedgehog and the Post Box Rescue, Dr Hedgehog and the Tree Rescue and Dr Hedgehog and the River Rescue.

We loved all of the stories and they are read constantly. I do however have one criticism from a parenting point of view. At the end of Dr Hedgehog and the River Rescue book Martin chooses not to tell his friends, teachers or mother about his accident in the river and he hopes that Dr Hedgehog won’t tell her either. This to me is a shame as it’s almost teaching our children to lie about really important issues. We discussed how this isn’t a good idea to keep things from adults, especially if you have an accident but I really feel this could be better dealt with in the book itself.

A Case for Good Manners

‘A Case for Good Manners’ is a wonderful box set of 12 board books in a handy carry case. The board books are designed to help teach good manners in a fun way. They are aimed at young children and while I wouldn’t have necessarily bought them for my nearly 4-year-old, she actually really enjoys reading them and they serve as a great reminder of how to behave and have good manners.The box set includes the following books: Excuse Me, Helping, Please, Sharing, Honesty, Confidence, Thank You, Listening, Keep Trying, Sorry, taking Turns, Kindness. One of my personal favourites is Keep Trying as it’s a great reminder for young children when they feel like they can’t do something.

The illustrations are bright and fun with lovable characters. Even though my youngest probably doesn’t understand the concept, he loves looking at the books and re-creating the sounds of the animals. I’m sure these will be well loved for years to come.

The Diaries of Robin’s Toys

The Diaries of Robin’s Toys byt Ken and Angie Lake are a fantastic series of books for pre-school and infant school children. They follow the tale of cute toys like Gavin the Gorilla and Taffy the Rabbit.

The main idea behind the series is that Robin buys second hand toys and his Grandad uses his magical powers to make the toys come to life and tell their own stories; the older the toy it, the more interesting the story becomes.

The stories aren’t just enchanting because of their charming characters, the also helps teach children learn to work collaboratively and teaches them other important life lessons life friendship, eating healthily and being kind.

Although the stories are quite lengthy and can’t be read to a pre-schooler in one go, they are great for an ongoing bedtime story or to read throughout the day. Isabella really loves the imagination that Robin brings to the story and sits talking to her own toys too.

The pages are printed as if it were written in a note book with some fun sketches on most of the pages. The writing is large enough for a young reader to follow but also benefits from having the note book lines as a handy guide to help those early readers to follow the story with ease. With some stretching vocabulary and a range of punctuation, they are great books to teach with too.We have loved reading these new books and will certainly look at Sweet Cherry Publishing again for more fun tales.

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