Hartmann’s underpads – perfect for potty training!

With Benjamin almost ready to move into his ‘big boy bed’ and the thoughts of potty training looming, we’ve been getting a few things ready to help out with the possibility of bedtime accidents and Hartmann’s underpads are top on the list of items to get stocked up on. If you’ve ever gone through the potty training thing, you’ll know just how hard it can be but for some, it’s not the day time toilet training that’s the issue, it’s {Read More}

It’s Poo Time!

It’s Poo Time: through the eyes of a baby If I could see what was going through my baby’s mind just before he did a poo, I’m sure it would look something like this: I’ve just been put down for my nap, I’m so sleepy and I’m almost asleep when … *ting* (lightbulb moment) It must be Poo Time. I’ve just got a fresh nappy on, this feels great … *ting* It must be Poo Time! Mum’s in a rush {Read More}

Kokoso 100% natural and organic coconut oil

Kokoso 100% Coconut Oil Coconut oil is becoming more and more popular in the beauty and skincare market but if you read the label on most products, they aren’t 100% pure coconut oil and usually have perfumes and other nasties hidden inside. This is where Kokoso is different; it really is just 100% natural and organic coconut oil. Meaning it is more than safe to use on your baby to keep their skin soft and help alleviate any itching from {Read More}

JJ Cole Camber Changing Bag

I have to say, since becoming a mummy, I have picked up more changing bags than anything else; I seem to have grown a little obsessed with them and have several different bags on the go for different occasions but I have to say, even after buying myself a new bag a few months ago, the JJ Cole Camber Changing Bag from TOMY that I have been testing has quickly become my favourite. There are a few reasons for this {Read More}

What’s in my bag?

There isn’t a lot that I can’t live without, including my make-up (I left it all behind at BritMums – Oops!) but if ever I am leaving the house, even for 10 minutes, I have to make sure that somewhere in my bag (whichever one that may be) there are wipes. Let me tell you why… they are THE BEST INVENTION EVER!    I was first introduced to the world of baby wipes when, surprise surprise, I had a baby {Read More}

OXOtot 2 in 1 Go Potty

We’ve been putting the OXOtot 2 in 1 Go Potty to the test and test it we have! With a potty training toddler and inevitable car journeys I literally don’t take it our of the car now unless it’s in use. It’s saved me on a few occasions and is a great size travel potty too. It is a really sturdy potty and toilet training seat in one that folds up really compactly and has  it’s own little bag to {Read More}

Changing Bag SoFo by BabyBjorn

BabyBjorn have just launched their new changing bag the Changing Bag SoFo but it’s not just a normal changing bag. Not only is it a little more gender neutral for the daddies out there but it also turns into a backpack if you need/prefer. The changing bag itself is a beautiful grey with little purple hints here and there; the lining is a lovely lavender purple. The outer almost looks like a grey denim so is definitely more man friendly {Read More}

Aldi’s Mamia Nappies Review

Ok, so EVERYONE has an opinion on nappies and their effectiveness and there’s a good reason for this – every baby is different and so is their body shape. Just like us, our clothes will fit us differently depending on our shape regardless of whether we are the same ‘size’ and I think that’s really important to remember when looking at nappies. I haven’t used the big branded nappies for a while now (although when my daughter was a new {Read More}

Jowsa the Nappy Genie

Going on holiday and don’t have enough room in your suitcase for the mountain of products you need to pack for babies or toddlers as well as your clothes (and shoes!)? Well neither did I. Most airlines don’t give you baggage allowance for babies if they aren’t sitting in their own seat and so parents have to forfeit their clothes and shoes in order to fir nappies, creams and much more in for their little ones. Jowsa, the Nappy Genie, {Read More}

JJ Cole Metra Changing Bag

If you’re looking for a changing bag that both mum and dad will feel comfortable wearing out, look no further. JJ Cole have introduced the Metra and we’ve been road testing it in Blue Diamond. I always feel a little sorry for the men when it comes to looking after baby because Mum seems to get spoilt with choice when it comes to baby accessories but the dads don’t really seem to get a choice. Many an afternoon when we’ve {Read More}