Aldi’s Mamia Nappies Review

MamiaOk, so EVERYONE has an opinion on nappies and their effectiveness and there’s a good reason for this – every baby is different and so is their body shape. Just like us, our clothes will fit us differently depending on our shape regardless of whether we are the same ‘size’ and I think that’s really important to remember when looking at nappies.

I haven’t used the big branded nappies for a while now (although when my daughter was a new born, we only used Huggies) and have tried and tested most out on the market with varying degrees of success. One brand I hadn’t tried until now was Aldi’s Mamia nappy; we have tried the new born size 1 all the way up to size 6 and all of  which were brilliant.

So my little helper tried the new born nappies out for me and she really loved them (both mum and baby!). The nappies were a hit because they were bigger than other supermarket-brand number 1 nappies and they didn’t have that plastic feel to them that some of the others do; instead they were soft and really absorbent which is ideal for a new-born’s skin.

The size 1 nappies have a wetness indicator strip which changes colour when wet (but to be honest, I think we can all tell when baby’s nappy is wet?!) and it works just as well as the other leading brands. It also boasts the cord cut out which is again keeping in line with the pricier nappy brands out there.

Mamia new-born 1

The only thing this nappy didn’t have which other brands do is the elasticated back. I personally like this, especially on younger babies as I feel more confident that what’s inside the nappy will stay inside the nappy but my trusted helper didn’t report any leaks or accidents and said she didn’t find any negatives to this nappy at all; however, she personally thinks they are more suited to long babies or babies which chubby thighs!

The size bigger size nappies, including the size 6 nappy that we tried, went down just as well in our house. I have had no complaints whatsoever and they look comfortable to wear (well as comfortable as any nappy would be!). The fit is good and absorbency is fab too. The elastic around the leg is snug but not too tight that you are left with marks. I think this is great for the more mobile toddlers as they just never stop moving. The waist has plenty of room for different size tummies and again looks comfortable to wear. The fastening is good and is very much in line with other big brand nappies.

I really like the design on these nappies as it’s full of bright, colourful animals. I have found lots of the other brands use a very plain strip across the top of the nappy but don’t really pay much attention to the design the higher up the size goes. Mamia have definitely got the edge on this one and make changing nappies more enjoyable as Isabella is able to hold the nappy and talk about the colours or design while she is being changed.

Mamia 6

Again, the size 6 does not have the elasticated top but it isn’t as important to me at this age as nappies are a little less explosive shall we say! I think I would still prefer a nappy with the elasticated top but it’s not the end of the world.

Mamia 63

The Mamia nappies we tested were soft to touch and super absorbent which are two of the most important elements in a nappy; they fit well and didn’t leak at all. At £1.49 for a pack of new born size 1 nappies (24) and £3.49 for a pack of size 6 (30), I really don’t think you can go wrong – in fact I would certainly recommend you to give them a go and see if they work for you before paying out for the bigger brands. And even better, if you are running low and can’t get out to the shops, you don’t even need to go shopping because you can get your Mamia nappies on Amazon!


  1. Why does the new mamia diapers have two plain lines inside the cotton and it does not feel smooth

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