City Range Changing Bag

City Range I love bags and when it came to having a baby, I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to carry my lovely handbags around with me for a while. However, since having my daughter, I’ve seen the wonderful world of changing bags; although the contents aren’t as glamorous, the bags themselves can be just as chic/elegant!

I’ve always needed space in my changing bag and it’s always been the one major thing that I’ve criticised about other changing bags that I’ve reviewed. In the City Range Changing Bag however, I can honestly say it has more than enough room for my essentials as well as Isabella’s. It’s 44cm wide, 24cm deep and 26cm high so while it’s not a small bag, it’s not so big that it looks out of place on your buggy.

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<h1>Large central compartment</h1>

I love that the bag has two large central zip compartments as it means I can use one side for my things and the other for Isabella’s. The fact that both large pockets zip is brilliant as I’ve found that other bags tend to only have one central pocket with subsequent pockets not having as much security. Inside the two large compartments are internal pockets, both net (I use this side for Isabella’s things) and zip (ideal for phones/purse/keys).

There are two deep pockets on the side, one of which is a thermal bottle pocket. Although I don’t use this for milk, it’s handy for holding water bottles.

It comes with a clear plastic wipes case but to be honest, I just shove a wet wipe packet in the bag as there’s plenty of space; I think using the wipes case would end up being too fiddly. It does however make a great wallet for keeping receipts, vouchers etc!

The matching polka dot changing mat is a beautiful blue and matches the inside of the bag. My only criticism of it (and I’m being really pernickety here) is that it doesn’t seem as padded or compact as some others that I’ve used. It is however easy to clean, large enough for easy use and thin enough to sit compactly in the bag.


The whole bag is made from 100% laminated cotton and is so easy to wipe clean. It’s a beautiful looking bag and the shine from the laminated cotton gives it that extra wow factor. It’s so lovely that I will continue to use this as either a work bag, overnight bag or as hand luggage when I no longer need a changing bag.

I really can’t get over just how much space this bag offers without being too big. I would definitely recommend this as a practical, stylish bag to new parents as well as parents with more than one baby/toddler.

The only real negative to this bag is that it doesn’t have internal buggy straps to attach it to your pram/shopping trolley. However, the Buggy Hooks that are sold by the same company work really well on the pram with this bag. It took me a couple of attempts to find the best position for this bag but I found the swivel hooks mean that I can hook the bag to the pram by the metal loops that attach the shoulder strap to the bag and this makes the bag secure as well as meaning it doesn’t bash my legs as I walk.

At just £29.99, this bag is brilliant value and will last past your changing bag needs.

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