Changing Bag SoFo by BabyBjorn

BabyBjorn have just launched their new changing bag the Changing Bag SoFo but it’s not just a normal changing bag. Not only is it a little more gender neutral for the daddies out there but it also turns into a backpack if you need/prefer.

The changing bag itself is a beautiful grey with little purple hints here and there; the lining is a lovely lavender purple. The outer almost looks like a grey denim so is definitely more man friendly yet it wouldn’t look out of place on the back of your stroller. The fabric is really soft both inside and out, including the changing mat.

I love the changing mat that is included because not only is it a soft (warm) fabric instead of a cold plastic but you can also fold it up one handed! BabyBjorn have stitched the changing mat in such a way that it means you can fold it up easily with just one hand.

The inside of the bag comprises of 14 compartments including one zip pocket for all those valuables and magnet pockets to keep your things in order. It’s very spacious and you can fit a lot inside but best of all, you can locate it all too! cipro online There’s even a loop for you to hook your keys on because we all know they fall to the bottom and you can never reach then when you need to! Here’s the content of my bag!


 This changing bag is really smart and stylish and includes everything that I need. However, on a side note (I’m not sure how many of you actually use it; I don’t) there isn’t an insulated pocket to keep bottles warm/cold. Like I said, I’ve never used that option but some of you might so I thought I’d say!


It might not have an insulated pocket but it more than makes up for it as one of the straps pulls up to turn it into a backpack! This is such a handy option, especially if you are always on the move.


 Overall a great and practical bag which I will continue to use even once I’ve finished using changing bags as it would work really well as a swimming bag or day trip bag.

Available from June.
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