It’s Poo Time!

It’s Poo Time: through the eyes of a baby

poo time

If I could see what was going through my baby’s mind just before he did a poo, I’m sure it would look something like this:

  1. I’ve just been put down for my nap, I’m so sleepy and I’m almost asleep when … *ting* (lightbulb moment) It must be Poo Time.
  2. I’ve just got a fresh nappy on, this feels great … *ting* It must be Poo Time!
  3. Mum’s in a rush to pick up my sister from school because I was still asleep, I’m now strapped in the car seat … *ting* it’s Poo Time
  4. Oh we’re late for something … *ting* It’s Poo Time.
  5. Oh this bath feels really warm and look, my sister’s just got in too – how fun! *ting* it must be Poo Time.poo time 2
  6. I’ve managed to escape from the changing mat while having my nappy changed – doesn’t this floor look clean *ting* that means it’s Poo Time
  7. We’ve got a long car journey Propecia ahead of us, we must have been going for 3 minutes at least… *ting* it’s Poo Time.
  8. Did you say dinner? *ting* it’s my favourite time of day… Poo Time.
  9. Did you really just sit down with a coffee? *sigh*ting* it’s Poo Time.
  10. The doorbell sounds / the phone rings … *ting* it’s Poo Time.

Poo Time has become a game, I can see it in his eyes… I try and wait to put him down for a nap but he won’t poo until I’m gone. I think I’ll leave the wet nappy on just 10 more minutes but inevitably he waits for a clean one. I always seem to be in a rush, to school, the shops, a meeting whatever it is, I can almost guarantee he’ll wait until I think I’ve left the house before he poos. I’m sure he’s goading me… Poo Time – my favourite time of day!

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