JJ Cole Camber Changing Bag

I have to say, since becoming a mummy, I have picked up more changing bags than anything else; I seem to have grown a little obsessed with them and have several different bags on the go for different occasions but I have to say, even after buying myself a new bag a few months ago, the JJ Cole Camber Changing Bag from TOMY that I have been testing has quickly become my favourite. There are a few reasons for this but most importantly is its practicality and ease of use. 

 This stylish black and white floret tote has 10 pockets and three different carrying options but for me, the best part is how spacious and sturdy the main compartment is. Lots of my changing bags have inside pockets to help you keep all of your things neat and tidy but the Camber changing bag has a really spacious middle too. Even when you have filled the pockets, there is plenty of space in the middle for lots of other essentials and unlike most other bags, it’s a lot more moulded so doesn’t fold in on itself. This leaves all my belongings easily accessible and means I don’t have to route around to try and find anything. 

Because the inside of this tote is so spacious, you might think that it would be bulky to use but it’s somehow managed to keep a sleek and slim design and feel. It really has managed to incorporate the space you need (especially when you have a baby and a toddler) with great design and quality.

The Camber tote has regular shoulder straps which make the bag feel more like a handbag. I love using these straps because it makes me feel like I’m not lugging around a changing bag but instead makes me feel a little more stylish. These straps can easily be tucked away in the front and back pocket and because they have a magnetic close, the straps don’t fall out. It also has the more traditional, larger padded changing bag strap that is comfortable to wear. For me, the best option is the non-slip buggy attachments, they keep my bag conveniently placed for easy access as well as freeing up my hands so I can hold my daughters hand without worrying that I’m going to bop her on the head with my bag. 

The outer material is a laminated canvas which makes cleaning up any little messes (or big messes) really easy. I ALWAYS carry wipes in my bag and they are perfect for cleaning up any mess from the tote. The inside of the tote is made from polyester so it too is easy to clean but also doesn’t soak up any water.

The Camber changing bag also comes with a matching easy to clean changing mat; it’s large, nicely padded but slim and easy to store in either the large main compartment or one of the outer pockets.

I LOVE this changing bag and think I can even go as far as saying that I don’t intend on buying any more (to the delight of my husband!)! For just £44.99 I think this is a fantastic changing bag that is incredible value for money.



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