JJ Cole Metra Changing Bag

photo 1 (4)If you’re looking for a changing bag that both mum and dad will feel comfortable wearing out, look no further. JJ Cole have introduced the Metra and we’ve been road testing it in Blue Diamond.

I always feel a little sorry for the men when it comes to looking after baby because Mum seems to get spoilt with choice when it comes to baby accessories but the dads don’t really seem to get a choice. Many an afternoon when we’ve taken a trip to the park I’ve seen dads walking round with bags that their partners have obviously picked out.

Now while it’s not the most important thing in the world, I think, especially if Dad is the primary care giver, it’s just as important for them to have accessories they are happy with. The Metra Changing Bag is a perfect combination of style and practicality and wouldn’t look odd with either Mum or Dad wearing it.

I was a little sceptical at its size at first (I love to have a nice, big bag to carry everything in) but to my surprise, this bag held just as much as my gigantic changing bag but is much more streamline. I love that both pockets (the main section and sub-section) are fastened with a zip as it means I’m less likely to loose things and makes me feel secure when out shopping. It also has a magnetic flap which lifts up to reveal a wallet style organiser so you can keep a pen and anything else you need handy without having to fish through the pockets to find it.

The Metra comes with a matching changing pad and dummy pod that can both be removed if not needed and it also has insulated bottle pockets. Although we don’t tend to need these anymore, it’s nice to have for the summer to keep water cooler for longer. This bag comes with brilliant buggy grip clips which don’t slip and are really easy to put on. However, take note, do NOT leave them on the buggy while the bag isn’t attached; because they are made from a rubber material to ensure they don’t slip, they start to work their way loose if the bag isn’t attached and I’ve actually lost one of the clips (frustrated sigh).

My only small criticism with this bag (and it might just be a one off) is that sometimes the zip to the main compartment doesn’t always shut smoothly and I have to pull the top of the bag taught before it will shut. I find this problem is worse when it’s attached to the buggy and isn’t flat.

From a man’s perspective – it’s practical and doesn’t actually look like a nappy bag. It actually looks more like a bloke’s casual laptop/work bag. It’s nice not to have to carry round an overly large, girly bag all the time. 4.5/5

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