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logoGoing on holiday and don’t have enough room in your suitcase for the mountain of products you need to pack for babies or toddlers as well as your clothes (and shoes!)? Well neither did I. Most airlines don’t give you baggage allowance for babies if they aren’t sitting in their own seat and so parents have to forfeit their clothes and shoes in order to fir nappies, creams and much more in for their little ones.

Jowsa, the Nappy Genie, takes all the stress out of packing to go on holiday with a baby and leaves you safe in the knowledge that all you have to bring along are your clothes!

Jowsa offers a range of products from nappies and creams, baby food and milk to suncare, toiletries and medicines so you really don’t have to worry about packing those heavy items. My main worry was the space and weight of all the nappies, swim nappies and wipes that I would have to take coupled with the usual heavy bottles of lotions and potions (but double the amount) as these can all weigh a ton and take up a lot of room.

I’d read online that you should take about 4 packs of baby wipes and I was so glad that I did, as we used them for EVERYTHING!! I love Huggies Pure baby wipes and have used these since birth as I find they aren’t greasy and work well so was pleased to see that they are being stocked now. Unfortunately at the time I used the service, these were unavailable; however, it’s nice to see that most of the large brands are now stocked as I’m sure you’d find something you would use.

The nappies selection however, isn’t great. There is just one brand to choose from: Pampers. Now that could be because the UK now don’t stock Huggies (even though Jowsa purchase their goods abroad) but I know some people don’t get on with Pampers so it would be good to see other options available.

We ordered some cereal to arrive just as a snack in case we missed dinner on arrival but didn’t order any baby food as Isabella is quite a good eater so didn’t feel like we needed to. They seem to offer quite a range of baby and toddler food for those of you who would want to order it.

I also ordered shampoo and conditioner as that’s just another heavy product I didn’t need to take with me. I was shocked at how big the bottles were – great value for money even if their is just one brand to choose from. I had never used Tresemme products before but they were great for the price and I’m still using them!

So what does it cost to get this service? £14.99. It might seem like a lot of money but actually the hasstle it saves as well as the space, is well worth it.

The service is fantastic from start to finish. We received an email and a text the day before we were due to arrive letting us know that our package had arrived at our hotel and would be waiting for us at reception. On arrival, it had already been placed in our room which was perfect.

Now, having arrived at the hotel later than expected and after an hour faffing after a room change (because putting a toddler in a room directly above the hotels’ nightclub is always going to end badly – for them) I unpacked the box and used some of the basics before going to bed. I had the intention of taking pictures the next day but our cleaner was so efficient she had taken all the packaging away before I had the chance. However, it came packed tightly and securely which ensured that nothing inside was damaged.

I would 100% use this service again and again and would certainly recommend this amazing company to parents going on holiday with young children.

My only recommendation for improvement would be ensuring Jowsa always offer the widest range of products they can and in different sizes too (especially the amount of nappies per pack – some smaller pack sizes would be great especially for toddlers) but it seems as though they are striving to do this already as I have seen new products added since I returned from holiday in April.

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