Kidsline Whipstitch Changing Bag

This is a lovely, stylish changing bag which looks just like a handbag with all the space, and pockets needed for all those baby products.

The faux leather looks good but up close you can tell it’s not real leather. However, I think if you were to use this bag everyday for a year, the faux leather would start to look worn and tatty.

The inside of this bag is lovely and spacious and has plenty of room for nappies and everything else you need. It comes with a large changing mat but this is quite bulky and not very compact; there is no fastening to keep it together so can get in the way. I do not use this changing mat and instead use a more compact one from a different bag. One of the pockets on the inside of this bag is insulated ready to keep any bottle warm/cold while you are out and about.

The only problem with this insulated pocket is that it isn’t big enough to hold a Tommee Tippee bottle.

The Tan Changing Bag also comes with a large adjustable shoulder strap which can be used to put over the pram handles. It has a good sized padded tab so won’t dig into your shoulder when jam packed with baby’s things.

I would say that this isn’t quite big enough to keep an extra set of clothes in as well as all the other products you might need but for just £40, I think this is an absolute bargain. 

Image: JoJo Maman Bebe

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