City Range Changing Bag

 I love bags and when it came to having a baby, I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to carry my lovely handbags around with me for a while. However, since having my daughter, I’ve seen the wonderful world of changing bags; although the contents aren’t as glamorous, the bags themselves can be just as chic/elegant! I’ve always needed space in my changing bag and it’s always been the one major thing that I’ve criticised about other {Read More}

Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse

After being an avid fan of Sudocrem for many years (not just since parenthood), I jumped at the chance to try this branded product. I originally thought that the Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse was Sudocrem’s antiseptic cream but in a mousse formula, but it is actually a baby friendly moisturising mousse that offered dry skin relief, and has no antiseptic properties what so ever. However this product claims to be hypoallergenic which rubs in quickly and easily and also intensively moisturises {Read More}

Huggies Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat

I love taking Isabella swimming and she really loves the pool. It’s great taking her when the weather is warm but I particularly like going when the weather is miserable as it doesn’t matter about getting wet and gives you a fab indoor activity. We’ve taken Isabella swimming since she was about three months and her confidence is growing constantly. The only thing that irritates me about swimming (especially now Isabella is walking) is the changing room palaver. Huggies Little {Read More}

Munchkin Nappy Change Organiser

This product is a great space saver and really handy for keeping everything you need for nappy changing together. There is plenty of space (actually there is probably more space than you would possibly need) and this allows me to keep nappies, creams, nappy bags, clothes (vests) and any other accessories in one place. I like the look of this product because it’s plain and not too fussy but I don’t like the look of it enough for it to {Read More}

Munchkin Designer Change Mat

                This funky little change mat is actually very useful. It’s the perfect size to just grab and go if you don’t want the hassle of using you large changing bag. Basically it’s a changing mat which has handy pockets to store nappies/wipes/cream etc and folds up to a handy travel size. When you open up the bag, you have the actual change mat with a padded head rest (which is detachable if {Read More}

PacaPod Almora – Highland Heather

I really love the idea of the PacaPod changing bag. The pods which are included are brilliant and keep everything that you need together; it also means that the hubbby can find everything in the bag without having to pull the entire contents out. I have tried a few changing bags and I must admit, the pod design of the PacaPod is really the best solution for me. Some other changing bags have so many inner pockets (which seem like a {Read More}

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System

I really like this product. Lots of reviews have a many negative things to say about the system, but after having a really pungent nursery everyday, I decided to give it a go. So far I have found this system stops all smells – even the most eye watering of nappies! It seals each individual nappy and creates a kind of linked sausage of nappies that are really easy to snip off when it’s time to empty the bin. I empty the {Read More}

Kidsline Whipstitch Changing Bag

This is a lovely, stylish changing bag which looks just like a handbag with all the space, and pockets needed for all those baby products. The faux leather looks good but up close you can tell it’s not real leather. However, I think if you were to use this bag everyday for a year, the faux leather would start to look worn and tatty. The inside of this bag is lovely and spacious and has plenty of room for nappies {Read More}

Storksak – Nina Changing Bag

The Storksak Nina Changing Bag is a lovely big changing bag with plenty of room for everything you might need to take out with you. It is very pretty and doesn’t look like a normal changing bag (gone are the days of my handbags) so I still feel like I have a pretty bag when I go out and about. Not only does this bag look good (I have had countless compliments when out) it is practical too. Its exterior {Read More}