Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System

I really like this product. Lots of reviews have a many negative things to say about the system, but after having a really pungent nursery everyday, I decided to give it a go.

So far I have found this system stops all smells – even the most eye watering of nappies! It seals each individual nappy and creates a kind of linked sausage of nappies that are really easy to snip off when it’s time to empty the bin. I empty the bin every 4ish days, which is much better than the daily empting I had with a normal bin.

The cassettes don’t last as long as it states (1 month) but I’m not too disappointed by this; the fact that they eliminate the bad odour more than makes up for this. Perhaps Tommee Tippee should review this statement though?

The bin itself is lightweight, easy to clean and very easy to use – although when twisting the handle, I do have to use two hands (one to hold the base of the bin and one to twist the handle).

The easi-push plunger I personally feel doesn’t work. I still push the nappy down into the bin and then twist the handle; the plunger just never seemed to push the nappy down far enough? A small niggle but nothing that should put you off buying the product.

For £26.99 on Amazon you get the bin and 6 cassettes which I think is great value for money. Even though normal nappy bags are a lot cheaper, this system locks away all smelly nappies and has the anti-bacterial protection most parents look for (especially if you have other small children in the house).


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