What’s in my bag?

There isn’t a lot that I can’t live without, including my make-up (I left it all behind at BritMums – Oops!) but if ever I am leaving the house, even for 10 minutes, I have to make sure that somewhere in my bag (whichever one that may be) there are wipes.

Let me tell you why… they are THE BEST INVENTION EVER!


I was first introduced to the world of baby wipes when, surprise surprise, I had a baby but I can assure you I will continue to buy baby wipes for a long time after my babies are grown. They are so handy and practical that I really don’t know how I ever lived without them.

Uses – there are far too many uses for wipes to list them all here but to name just a few I use wipes to clean the obvious: bottoms, mouths, hands and tables but they offer more than this; they get stains out of clothes or carpet, they act as a shoe shiner if you’re desperate, they clean up spills (which are inevitable) they can be dusters, snot wipers and car interiors, they get out pen marks when you suddenly notice your child has drawn on someone else’s belongings… the list is truly endless. If I didn’t have a pack of wipes in my bag I’d be seriously lost.

photo (1)

As well as wipes, there are a couple of other essential items I keep in my changing bag (or handbag) including: sterilising spray (especially now I have a new-born again), a pen and paper (this can always entertain a bored toddler), nappies, a snack (for me and the toddler), some loose change (there’s always something that you need some coins for!) and plasters. I don’t know how many meltdowns I’ve stopped by offering out a plaster… all toddlers love them right?

These are the items that I WILL have in any bag. I often have multiples of these items as I do love to swap my bags around too and would hate to be without even one of these items. For some, leaving their phone behind makes them feel ‘naked’ but for me it has to be leaving without wipes!

I’m sure there are more wipe-aholics out there apart from me… please share your uses for them too.



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