Breathable Baby Breathable Sack and Breathable Blanket

BB Every parent wants to keep their baby safe, especially when they are sleeping, and lots of companies have come up with great sleeping bags to help reduce the risk of suffocation but Breathable Baby have taken it a step further and have made a breathable sleeping bag and breathable blanket (perfect for when you’re going in the car or pram!

Breathable Baby promote their products as being 10X better at removing moisture from baby and helping them not to overheat as well as reducing the risk of re-breathing carbon dioxide (both leading caused of SIDS)

The Breathable Sack and Breathable Blanket are made form 100% polyester meaning they are hypoallergenic which is a bonus for any parent. Both the sleeping sack and blanket are beautifully soft and look lovely; the material has tiny holes in which makes it more ‘breathable’.

At first I though the material was really thin and I worried that it wouldn’t be warm enough for overnight use but I have to say, as long as you use a long sleeve pyjama or baby grow, Isabella stayed comfortable during the night. The zip has a cover at the top which helps to ensure it doesn’t run on their face/chin when they move about.

The Breathable Sack is very spacious and allows plenty of room for Isabella to wiggle in and get comfortable (some can be quite restricting). The Breathable Blanket is also a great size for using with the car seat, pram or buggy.

I really love the idea that this material is breathable as I’m like most new parents and ALWAYS worry that I’m doing something wrong and that something bad will happen. But the breathable blanket especially makes me feel a lot more comfortable when Isabella pulls the blanket up to her face in the buggy or car seat. I also use the blanket for her daytime naps and it doesn’t make her too hot, unlike her other blankets!

The material washes and dries really well and stays lovely and soft. There are some lovely colours to choose from.

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