Bright Star Kids Labels

With the school year coming to a close and the thought of the summer holidays fast approaching, you might not be thinking about next years’ school supplies. However, you don’t want to get caught out and end up labelling everything the night before school starts!

This year, we are getting super prepared and with thanks to Bright Star Kids name labels we are going to have Isabella and Benjamin’s clothes, water bottles, pencils and bags all prepared and ready for their new beginnings; Isabella will be starting in Year 1 and Benjamin will be starting nursery.

Forever loosing kids clothes?

In both the nursery setting and school, items are bound to get lost or picked up by someone else by mistake. Without nametags, it is very difficult to become reunited with your lost items and it can become a real pain.

Bright Star Kids labels have taken all the hassle out of the labelling fiasco and have produced some beautiful, fully customisable, bright and fun labels that peel off and stick on to most items. Their clothes labels are a simple peel off and iron on (we’ve has issues with stick on clothes labels before not sticking after several washes). And I love the fact you don’t need to cut them to size either!

They even have stickers for the inside of you shoes. Before Isabella went to school, I didn’t even think about labelling shoes. That said, Isabella came home at least three or four times with the wrong shoes on (same style but wrong size!) and it was such a faff getting the right ones back again. This time though, I’ll be using the shoe stickers and using he clear plastic stickers to protect the stickers for longer too.

Different kits for different needs

There are several different value kits that you can choose from on the site, including the two I am reviewing – the Baby Labels Value kit and the School Labels Value kit.

Once you have decided upon your kit, you can then begin to customise your labels. Type your desired name in the box before choosing a font colour and background colour for your stickers – you can even choose the font!

For younger children, you can add an icon on to some of the stickers, which really helps their item stand out. If you have slightly older children, you can choose not to have an icon. We went for a princess tiara for Isabella (she is certainly becoming a little princes!) and Benjamin has his all-time favourite – trucks!

The labels arrived really quickly. They came in an envelope and were well packaged. As soon as they dropped on the doormat, Isabella wanted to get started. We re-labelled her water bottle (instead of the now faded Sharpie pen!) and I’ve added the clothes labels to her summer dresse- we’ve even labelled her new pencils! As soon as her new t-shirts arrive, I’ll be ironing them in ready for September.

We have found Bright Star Kids stick on and iron on labels such a helpful tool for going back to school that there is a discount code for you to receive an extra 25% off – just type NAME25 in the relevant box! If you’ve got any other handy hints for going back to school, we’d love to hear them!

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