Dribblers Stay Dry Bandana Bib


I’ve been hunting for the best dribble bib for my little girl as she just doesn’t stop. Most dribble bibs that use a fleece lining to help keep the dribble at bay tend to be quite thick and bulky and they can cause irritation around the neck or mouth area when they get wet. Well here is a dribble bib with a difference that actually works!

When I received my Dribblers in the post, I thought there’s no way these will keep Isabella dry as they just looked far to thin. But it’s the waterproof fabric liner that creates the barrier and helps to keep her dry. This means that the bibs don’t have to be thick and bulky.

Not only are the bibs thin enough and lightweight enough to almost forget about, but they have a really nice curved neckline so the bib actually sits really comfortably under my daughters chin (or chins!). It seems like such a simple design that I don’t know why other dribble bibs don’t follow suit?

The outer bib is made from 100% Cotton and Jersey Cotton so it’s lovely and soft and the press studs are nickel free. There are so many lovely designs to choose that I could spend a small fortune on bibs! When your little one needs to wear a bib all day because they dribble so much, you can make sure they have a bib to compliment their outfit.

Dribblers are handmade from start to finish so if you have any special requirements, I’m sure they could be accommodated.

My only one tiny criticism is that I would like the option for a slightly longer bib too. I love the shape and design of the Dribblers but sometimes, a little bit more length could come in handy.

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