Funky Giraffe Bibs

FGWe have been using various different dribble bibs on and off for months now but we had never tried Funky Giraffe Bibs before. At a year old and with only 2 teeth, I think we are certainly going to be needing some serious dribble bibs – I have a feeling we will get quite a few teeth all at once!

These bibs however aren’t just useful for teething babies. Isabella has been really poorly over the last week and she won’t swallow any spit so everything is just drenched in dribble, tears and snot – YUM! I ended up changing her top so many times (I mean every hour) before suddenly thinking about using Funky Giraffe Bibs.

To my surprise, they were so absorbent that I could use just one bib for the whole day; the top layer is absolutely saturated, but the under layer of fleece remained dry and my daughters clothes also stayed dry. Because Isabella is drooling so much at the minute and it’s a combination of snot, tears and dribble, I have been changing the bibs more than once a day but this is purely choice.

The bibs have two poppers so you can change the size of the bib for a better fit for your baby’s neck and this means they will also adapt and change as your child grows, giving you better value for money!

The only thing that I think could be adapted slightly is the width of the neck strap on the bibs – I find them slightly bulky and think they would be better if they were streamlined a little.

On the plus side though, the bibs DO NOT turn around and end up looking like a cape instead of a bib; they actually stay in place! This, as well as all the amazing designs to choose from and the fact they stay so dry, is the reason I will be buying more of these bibs!

The bibs retail for £4.00 each but at Funky Giraffe Bibs, the more you purchase, the more money you save.

 1 x Dribble Bib      £4.00 Inc P&P

5 x Dribble Bibs    £11.00 Inc P&P (Saving of £9.00)

10 x Dribble Bibs  £20.50 Inc P&P (Saving of £19.50)

For more information about these bibs, or to see the great designs for yourself, please see: Funky Giraffe


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