Inch Blue hand made soft leather shoes

photo (5)We all know how important it is for small feet to be in the right shoes and to be comfortable but it isn’t always easy to get your little one to wear shoes (or slippers) that fit just right.

We have about three pairs of slippers at home that I found in Isabella’s size but she doesn’t keep them on for longer than about 20 minutes, either because they fall off, she trips up or they aren’t comfy. But with Inch Blue’s handmade soft leather shoes, she will keep them on for hours.

I love using these shoes as slippers in the morning as Isabella won’t keep socks on in the morning and I always feel her feet are chilly. They fit really well and have a little room for her feet to grow (which is always handy!). I think one of the reasons Isabella likes them so much is because they are so comfy and she can still feel things through the sole. She likes them so much that we’ve had to let her wear them in the garden too as she didn’t want to put a different pair of shoes on.

The thing I love about Inch Blue is the fact they make these shoes for babies, toddlers and small children. Lots of the brands I have used previously stop at around 1 years and they are really handy. We are actually going to use them when we take Isabella on holiday as she will be climbing all over me and the seat on the plane but will be comfortable enough not to want to take her shoes off.

They are completely safe to use, even if your baby sucks on them as they are Chrome 6 free.

These retail between £19-£21 depending on the size needed but are really well made and worth spending the extra money on. There are so many beautiful designs that you will surely find a few pairs you can’t resist buying.


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