Nutmeg Clothing Range at Morrisons

I was invited to go and see Nutmeg’s New Spring and Summer Clothing Range at their launch a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how lovely their clothing range was! The colours are bright and cheerful and the designs are cute with plenty of attention to detail. I just wanted to share this post as I had never thought about going to Morrison’s for clothes but the quality and design are beautiful and the prices are amazing: dresses, tops, {Read More}

ChattyFeet – sock fun for the whole family!

So we’ve tried ChattFeet socks before and they were a huge hit the first time round so when the next set came in the post for review, Isabella was ridiculously excited to try them out! In fact, she was so excited, she couldn’t decide which pair she wanted to try first and therefore tried two and insisted Mummy and Daddy try theirs too. I love how excited she can get over SOCKS! I think the thing that she loves the {Read More}

KoziKidz Snowflake Baby Snow Suit

Well, we’ve been patiently waiting for some snow to arrive so that we can really put the Kozi Kidz snowflake to the test but I don’t think we are going to be lucky enough to see the snow just yet. No fear, we’ve still been putting it to the test in the wind and rain we are more accustomed to. This season KoziKidz have updated their snowflake so that it’s practical to use as well as being funky. Some of {Read More}

Regatta’s Waterproof and Insulated Kids Suit

We have been putting Regatta’s Waterproof and Insulated Kids Suit to the test! Not only is this waterprood, windprood and breathable, it’s also made from a really lightweight fabric and is really easy to clean! I’m not sure it could get much better than that from a parents’ point of view. Te Regatta Mudsuit will keep your little one dry, clean and very warm as it’s got Thermo-Guard insulation which is used to keep warm air in and cold air {Read More}

Aldi’s Specialbuys Ski Range

Whether you ski, snowboard or just love winter walks, Aldi have the most amazing range of ski wear for really affordable prices. Its Ski Specialbuys range have things covered from tots and tiddlers all the way up to adults and are available in store from 4th December (while stocks last!). Aldi’s Ski Specialbuys range offere everything from entry level gear up to Pro range (which features their improved specification to rival big-brand names). They have gloves and hats to salopettes {Read More}

ChattyFeet Socks

ChattyFeet socks are a really fun way to start a day (and they can keep you entertained during the day too!). I don’t think I know a single toddler who likes to get dressed in the morning; well to be honest, I’d rather stay in my pjs too but needs must and all that! So when we were asked to try ChattyFeet socks, I jumped at the chance as any help with dressing a toddler is welcome in my house. {Read More}

Box Upon a Time

With subscription gift boxes becoming more and more popular, Box Upon a Time takes a slightly different take and sends a monthly package of beautiful, handpicked designer clothes. Why not go and pick your own? Well, for £29, £49 or £69 per month (according to the package you choose), Box Upon a Time guarantee each Box you receive has a value of up to £170 of clothes, which means up to 60% discount! There are different box options and after {Read More}

Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser

Always one to give things a go once, I gave Dettol’s Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser a whirl to see if I could notice any difference in my washing at low temperatures. Now, I’m not someone who wants everything to be sterilised all of the time as I think a few bugs here and there are actually good for our immune system but there are certain times that I want a more thorough wash; boys smelly rugby clothes, bed sheets (especially the {Read More}

Baby Bogs Monkey Waterproof Thermal Insulated Boot

As lovely as it would be for us to have a consistently hot spring and summer, we all know that in reality, it probably won’t happen. When we do have the wetter, more miserable weather there is no reason to stat inside with these super cute Baby Bogs Boots. They are: • 100% waterproof • Made from 3mm Neo-TechTM insulation with a plush cozy lining • Have a rubber sole so no slipping • Have a Bogs Max-WickTM moisture wicking {Read More}

Angel’s Face Designer Petiskirt Tutu

I love all things frilly and have quite a few pairs of frilly knickers for Isabella to wear in the summer months under skirts so when we were asked to review Angel’s Face Designer Tutu, I jumped at the chance. The actual tutu itself is beautiful, it’s so soft and there’s so much fabric that it just looks fantastic on. I think it would be great to wear for a birthday party or other special occasion but for smaller tots, {Read More}