Inch Blue hand made soft leather shoes

We all know how important it is for small feet to be in the right shoes and to be comfortable but it isn’t always easy to get your little one to wear shoes (or slippers) that fit just right. We have about three pairs of slippers at home that I found in Isabella’s size but she doesn’t keep them on for longer than about 20 minutes, either because they fall off, she trips up or they aren’t comfy. But with {Read More}

aden + anais bamboo swaddles

These bamboo swaddles have got to be one of the most versatile and worthwhile investments for any new parent. I’ve used the super large swaddles for so many things and even now my daughter is 18 months old, I’m still using them. The first thing I used these for was a nursing cover. In fact my brother and sister-in-law bought me the Baby Cakes Cotton swaddles as a gift and they were brilliant. But the bamboo swaddles are so much {Read More}

Don’t want to drag your little one round the shops? Try House of Fraser Online!

I don’t know about you but I just love, love, love shopping and now I have a little one to dress, the shopping sprees have just got more and more frequent. There are so many beautiful clothes for little ones, especially for little girls (I must admit I don’t think it would be quite the same for a little boy because there just doesn’t seem to be the same amount of choice!)  but now Isabella is that much older, she {Read More}

Unique Babywear and Accessories from Loubilou

With the summer on its way (fingers crossed) and with our holiday only a few weeks away, I’ve started buying clothes for Isabella, or more specifically, dresses. I think girls can look so cute in their little dresses but I wanted to try and find something that not every other toddler would be wearing too. Louibilou have created a website that brings sellers from all over the world to one place; they sell unique baby clothes, toys and accessories so {Read More}

Polkadot Snugsuit, Soft Blanket and Tap Protector

We’ve been trying out Koo-di’s Snugsuit and just in time as the chilly weather has crept up on us. It’s a really super soft and incredibly warm all-in-one suit that will keep your baby warm all winter long. For babies who can’t walk yet, I think this Snugsuit is an ideal alternative to a coat or snowsuit. We used a snowsuit last year but because it’s so thick and puffy, Isabella looked more like the Michelin Man and she also {Read More}

Mocc Ons

Mocc Ons are a cute moccasin style slipper socks which ensures little toes stay warm and are ideal to use as slippers. They have washable leather soles which are stitched onto a soft and thick cotton sock. The sock quality is lovely and washes really well. The leather part of the sock had to be stretched whilst still wet to make sure it didn’t shrink and after they had been used again for a while had soon lost any tight {Read More}

The Keep Me Cosy Anti Leak Bodysuit

When I was a very new mum, I tended to change nappy brand every time my baby boy leaked through his nappy.  However after two or three attempts at this, I soon realised that you can’t always prevent these accidents from happening no matter how good the nappies are.  It seems to always be when I put the nicest, whitest outfits on him too!  So I was really intrigued when I heard about The Keep Me Company’s Keep Me Cosy Anti {Read More}

Milton Mini Soother Steriliser

Isabella, as well as many other babies/toddlers (I’m sure), has a bad habit of throwing her dummy on the floor just so she can see us pick it up; it became somewhat of a game recently and frustrated me when she did it outdoors or somewhere we weren’t able to wash it easily. When we tried the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser it made things so easy and stress free when I had a screaming baby wanting her dummy that I {Read More}

Funky Giraffe Bibs

We have been using various different dribble bibs on and off for months now but we had never tried Funky Giraffe Bibs before. At a year old and with only 2 teeth, I think we are certainly going to be needing some serious dribble bibs – I have a feeling we will get quite a few teeth all at once! These bibs however aren’t just useful for teething babies. Isabella has been really poorly over the last week and she {Read More}

Skip Hop – Zoo Let Ladybug Bag (with reins)

The Skip Hop – Zoo Let mini backpack with reins is a cute, fun alternative to normal reins for when your little one starts to walk. It’s aimed at 12 months to 4 years and will not only help you to keep your little bug safe when they walk with you (as that’s all they want to do once they realise they can!), it will also mean you don’t have to carry as much in your bag! It’s light-weight but {Read More}