Kite Kids Organic Cotton Cardigan

With all this brilliant weather we have here in the UK summertime (this weekend excluded!), we need to think about what layers our little ones can wear just in case the sun makes an appearance for an hour before being covered by the most monstrous cloud and becoming almost arctic again. I love all the pretty summer clothes that are about (especially for the girls – not that I’m biased!) but I have found the need over the past few {Read More}

Dotty Fish Leather Shoes

If you have a baby, you’ll understand the frustration of walking around town and just as you’re about to leave, you realise your little one has lost a shoe or sock. I think it has to be one of my pet peeves. I HATE ODD SOCKS!!!!! Anyway, we were given some Dotty Fish leather shoes to try out and I really think they are fantastic value for money as well as being a great product. The idea is simple; they {Read More}

Beautiful Bumblefrills

If you have a little girl, you need to have a look at getting some Bumblefrills this summer; they are the cutest, frilliest pants any little girl could wish for! Okay, okay, maybe Isabella will hunt me down in years to come, but while she can’t tell me what she wants to wear, it’s a mother’s prerogative isn’t it? There are some beautiful colours and designs to choose from on their website that I could spend ages matching pants {Read More}

Babble Bib Dribble Bib

We have tried lots and lots of dribble bibs now but I think I have to say my all time favourite are the dribble bibs from Babble Bib. Not only are the designs really pretty, but they seem to stay driest for the longest time and don’t tend to move around as much as the other bibs. They are made from jersey cotton on the front and 100% spun polyester micro-fleece on the back and this not only meant they {Read More}

Breathable Baby Breathable Sack and Breathable Blanket

 Every parent wants to keep their baby safe, especially when they are sleeping, and lots of companies have come up with great sleeping bags to help reduce the risk of suffocation but Breathable Baby have taken it a step further and have made a breathable sleeping bag and breathable blanket (perfect for when you’re going in the car or pram! Breathable Baby promote their products as being 10X better at removing moisture from baby and helping them not to overheat {Read More}

Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag

If your little one is anything like mine, they will kick and fidget a lot during the night meaning that their bedding gets tangled in their legs and sometimes comes off altogether. If this rings true for you, why not try a Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag? Using a sleeping bag which has been specifically designed for babies ticks many boxes; it means that your baby will stay warm and comfy throughout the night, helps to regulate your baby’s temperature so {Read More}

Zippy Suit Bandana Bibs

I’m always on the look out for good dribble bibs, as my 11 month old son is super dribbly when he’s teething, so the Zippy Bib seemed a great option. I liked the colour and design of the bib and thought it was really soft. The bib washed well and dried really quickly and was also quite absorbent. There were a number of downsides though. The actual bib was quite big, so to wear as a dribble bib through the {Read More}

Mary Jane shoes from Daisy Roots

                  Baby shoes- they look super cute but are actually very impractical most of the time as they never seem to stay on baby’s feet. Well, Daisy Roots have come up with beautiful hand-made leather shoes which, to my astonishment, STAY ON! I am a sucker for shoes (be it for me or my daughter) but I always find after just 2 minutes of putting any shoe/boot on my little one that {Read More}

Dribblers Stay Dry Bandana Bib

I’ve been hunting for the best dribble bib for my little girl as she just doesn’t stop. Most dribble bibs that use a fleece lining to help keep the dribble at bay tend to be quite thick and bulky and they can cause irritation around the neck or mouth area when they get wet. Well here is a dribble bib with a difference that actually works! When I received my Dribblers in the post, I thought there’s no way these {Read More}

Stunning Handmade Crocheted Hat and Poncho

If you are looking for a beautiful gift idea, or just fancy treating yourself, have a look at some of the beautiful hand crocheted items at B’s Beautiful Creations. Isabella’s gorgeous hat and poncho are beautifully thick, warm and so well made that compliments keep coming every time we go out. The design is lovely and doesn’t have too many large holes/gaps which can sometimes make crocheted items look thin or cheap. Isabella has a teal hat and matching poncho {Read More}