Polkadot Snugsuit, Soft Blanket and Tap Protector

photo 1We’ve been trying out Koo-di’s Snugsuit and just in time as the chilly weather has crept up on us. It’s a really super soft and incredibly warm all-in-one suit that will keep your baby warm all winter long.

For babies who can’t walk yet, I think this Snugsuit is an ideal alternative to a coat or snowsuit. We used a snowsuit last year but because it’s so thick and puffy, Isabella looked more like the Michelin Man and she also got too hot in it so I ended up having to try and unzip her if she fell asleep in it – not ideal! However more importantly than this, the generic snowsuit was too thick to use safely in the car as it didn’t allow the car seat straps to do up as tightly as they should have. The Snugsuit will keep your little one warm and snug in their pram/buggy but is also thin enough to use safely in the car seat.

For toddlers who are walking around l think this is ideal for travel and also to use indoors as an alternative to a dressing gown but because of the super soft material (and the colour) I wouldn’t let Isabella run around in it outdoors. I especially love how cute and cuddly Isabella is when in this Snugsuit.

imageThere are colourful polka dots on the bottom and on the feet which will help baby to stay on their feet especially on tiled, wooden or laminate floor! It’s a cute and fun, gender neutral design which we have had many compliments about.

The sizing comes in 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months but even at 15months Isabella still fits into the 6-12 month Snugsuit which is brilliant as quite a few coats and all in one suits come up quite small on Isabella.

Koo-di blanWe’ve also been using the fluffy baby blanket which is made from the same super soft material as the Snugsuit. This is perfect for daytime naps when it’s cold as well as an extra layer in the car.

It’s a good size if you want to use it for the pram or car seat and will help tuck your little one up. The polka dot design again means it’s gender neutral which I like (you never know what the next one might be!) and Isabella seems to like the fun design too and uses it to wrap up her dolly to go to sleep.

Both items wash really nicely and dry quickly which is a definite bonus in my house!

Bath Tap Protector.

The Bath Tap Protector fits the tap well and does exactly what it’s designed to do but with the added bonus of having a heat spot which changes colour if the water is too hot.

It fits snugly on the tap and is so easy to fit that I can take it on and off as I need to. I only use it when Isabella is in the bath to stop her from banging her head on the tap or from touching the hot metal. For this purpose, the protector is brilliant and is made even better by being mildew resistant.

I think these would make lovely presents for new babies this winter.

If you’d like to see more, please take a look at Koo-di

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