Skip Hop – Zoo Let Ladybug Bag (with reins)

imageThe Skip Hop – Zoo Let mini backpack with reins is a cute, fun alternative to normal reins for when your little one starts to walk. It’s aimed at 12 months to 4 years and will not only help you to keep your little bug safe when they walk with you (as that’s all they want to do once they realise they can!), it will also mean you don’t have to carry as much in your bag!

It’s light-weight but has thick durable material and looks as though it will last for years. We’ve only had it a few weeks but it’s fantastic for taking out for day trips and can be used for a variety of things. We haven’t tried airports or shopping centres yet but I would say this would be the perfect solution to lost children!

For those of you who have little ones who have to take their comforter/blanket with them wherever they go, this little backpack could help them keep it safe when they don’t need it – but they will be safe in the knowledge that it’s there on their back should they need it!

It’s also great for packing a small lunch or snacks in for long trips or journeys, for keeping a spare layer in, for holding spare nappies and wipes or simply for keeping all you little ones toys together when you’re going out. Whatever you choose to use it for, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s one of the cutest bags you’ve seen (for a child)!

There are a variety of animals to choose from including a bee, ladybug, monkey and owl and there are a few different types of bag too (backpack with reins, backpack, lunch bag or trolley case) so there will be something for everyone.

The thing I like best about this bag is the attached reins; it means that I will be able to keep control of my daughter without her realising. The reins are attached at the bottom of the bag and can be removed when you’re not using them therefore allowing the bag to have more uses and be more versatile.

The other thing I like is the handle at the top of the bag – not just useful for holding/putting on the buggy handle but when your toddler is wearing it and they dive for something they shouldn’t, as long as your reactions are quick enough, you can use the handle as a quick grab handle!

The shoulder straps are well padded (obviously I wouldn’t put anything too heavy in the bag anyway) and don’t look like they rub. The safely strap around the tummy however is quite small. Although I realise it’s got to be a tight fit, I feel an extra bit of length on the tummy strap would benefit this product hugely and make it more user-friendly and allow older toddlers to get more wear from it.

A fab product though.

If you’d like to have a look at this, or any of their other bags, please check out TinyTotShop site:

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