Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bags with Feet

I actually want one of these myself! But Isabella has had the chance to try out the Slumbersac sleeping bag with openings for her feet. This is absolutely perfect for her because since she was about 18 months, she’s absolutely hated having her feet covered at night. The Slumbersac sleeping bag with feet means that she stays snug ad warm all night long but she’s also able to get out of bed in the morning.


The sleeping bags are designed so that your child’s feet can fit inside the sleeping bag when sleeping, and when they wake up, they can pop their feet through the openings but Isabella is more than happy to just keep her feet out of the holes all night.


I really do think this is a genius product and well worth looking into if your child, like mine, hates anything over their feet. I love that Isabella doesn’t need to call me in the middle of the night because she’s cold and can’t get her covers on (this used to happen a lot! – see images!) instead, she sleeps soundly ALL NIGHT!!!!


It’s made from soft 100% jersey cotton, is padded with a soft and quick drying polyester fleece and comes in two gorgeous prints. It’s available in four sizes and they are very roomy so have plenty of space for growing babies.

    • 12 – 18 months / 80cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
    • 18 – 24 months / 90cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
    • 24 – 36  months / 110cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
    • 3-4 years / 120 cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)


Like most sleeping bags, they come in two weights – 1.0 tog anf 2.5 tog

  • Summer weight / approx. 1.0 tog. These bags are slightly padded and suitable for use in warmer rooms with temperatures between 19 and 24 degrees.
  • Standard weight / approx. 2.5 tog.These bags are padded and suitable for general year-round use in room temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees.

We really love this product and will be getting a cooler one for the summer months too!

Here’s what we thought of the ordinary Slumbersac sleeping bags too.

whatmummythinks-product review


  1. These look cute. I got the ergopouch ones also have sleeves and the feet are enclosed. They are a life saver for the winter!

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