Stikets Name Labels : Review

The end of term is approaching and that means only one thing for parents – new school uniform. At some point over the summer holidays you will no doubt be ordering or buying new school uniform for your children because they’ve either outgrown, lost or simply ruined the expensive logo embroidered uniform you have to buy.

Sometimes you can’t help having to buy new items, especially as children seem to grow so quickly but if you’re replacing items that have been lost because they weren’t labelled well, that can be really annoying. We had some cute looking iron on labels last year but they haven’t lasted very well and some of the labels have come off entirely or are clinging on. So when I had the opportunity to review a couple of the basic packs from Stikets, I was over the moon.

The basic packs are probably the best value as you save 40% of the cost than if you purchased the items separately. In the basic pack you will receive 142 labels including:

48 small Iron-On Clothing Labels

82 name stickers for objects (36 minis, 24 small, 20 medium, 4 big)

8 shoe labels (4 pairs of shoes)

2 luggage tags – perfect for school bags!

There’s a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from for your Stikets, including mixed colour packs. You can also change the typography to suit your child and pick their favourite icon too. Having two very stereotypical children, we decided on pink and blue with corresponding dinosaur and unicorn themed icons.

The Stikets arrived really quickly and came well presented and packaged in ensuring you know which labels are for what. You have a ‘wear’, ‘adhesive’ and ‘tags’ section clearly marked with sweet icons to help you decide which Stikets to use for which items. It also means that you can keep any unused labels safe and ready for the next time you need them.

So far the adhesive labels have stood up well to the general wear and tear they get (ie picking at the corners) as well as being washed daily. The wear labels are so easy to apply and too are wearing well. I’ll update you with more pictures after a few months but so far, we are hugely happy with out Stikets.


  1. Those are some fun loving name tags!

  2. Hi it’s been a year since your post. Any updates on the wear and tear? Thank you

    • They have lasted really well actually. The shoe ones especially – a couple of the names in the t-shirts are cracking but these are washed after every use. They have certainly lasted the year though! Thanks for taking the time to ask.


  1. […] and iron on labels left from last year so am going to use those up (see which ones we are using here) but I think once they run out, I’m going to try one of the stamps – they look so much […]

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