Stunning Handmade Crocheted Hat and Poncho

hat and ponch

If you are looking for a beautiful gift idea, or just fancy treating yourself, have a look at some of the beautiful hand crocheted items at B’s Beautiful Creations.

Isabella’s gorgeous hat and poncho are beautifully thick, warm and so well made that compliments keep coming every time we go out. The design is lovely and doesn’t have too many large holes/gaps which can sometimes make crocheted items look thin or cheap.

Isabella has a teal hat and matching poncho which are so easy to put on and a lot less hassle than trying to put on a coat or jacket. There is enough room for Isabella to wear it the whole of this winter and I’ll definitely be going back to buy something for next winter.

Hat and ponch 2

The added flower and button detail on the hat and poncho are lovely touches and make the items stand out and look really pretty. I like that you can change the detail on each item so no two are ever exactly the same and if you have any special requests, I’m sure they can be accommodated.

It gets even better though – these items aren’t just for baby; they come in toddler, child and adult sizes too (I think I may just have to get an owl hat for me).

The best thing about B’s Beautiful Creations is that you can order pretty much anything that can be crocheted and the quality is so much better than the things you see in the shops.

Currently B’s Beautiful Creations is not available.


  1. Michele Hughes says:

    Absolutely brilliant well done, I just wish we had the internet when my children were younger,
    God bless Mish xx

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