Teva Hurricane 3, Girls’ Hiking Sandals

So we haven’t had the best weather of late to really put the Teva Hurricane Hiking Sandals to the test; however, over past few days, Isabella has been out and about in the garden and wearing in her new sandals in preparation for her summer holidays.

The element that struck me the most when they arrived was how light they were; they should be prefect for long walks and playing on the sand as well as running, skipping and jumping all summer long. Isabella loved trying them on and said they felt super comfy.

My initial impressions are good; they look great, seem durable and Isabella rates them as being comfortable; they don’t show any signs of rubbing at all which is good. I love the colour of the Teva Y Hurricane Sandals. They are bright and summery without being too girly.


The shoes make use of a Velcro fastening so even smaller children wouldn’t have a problem putting on their own shoes (even if a parent needs to adjust it slightly!) it’s great for getting them to take responsibility for getting themselves ready.

The fit of the shoe comes up slightly wide; for Isabella, this is a good thing as she has always been a G fitting but for a slimmer foot, it might be a slight issue. Although you can adjust the fit with the Velcro fastening, I would imagine, it could sometimes still be a little loose.


The sole is made from a flexible rubber so is comfortable and also non-slip. This is perfect for those children who feel the need to run absolutely everywhere and from a parents perspective makes them safer to wear on all surfaces; from rock-pools and beaches to hily walks and even shopping centres.


So far, I’d say the sandals are brilliant and I’d certainly look into getting more for my youngest too. The sandals still look great even after a pre-schooler has been wearing them. I’ll add some after photos once we get back from our holidays too – that way they would have really been put to the test.



  1. These sandals are pretty nice looking. I am going to bring my girl to check it out. If they are really as comfortable as what you have said. I am sold.

    thanks for the recommendation

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