The Keep Me Cosy Anti Leak Bodysuit

_DSC5119_DSC5117When I was a very new mum, I tended to change nappy brand every time my baby boy leaked through his nappy.  However after two or three attempts at this, I soon realised that you can’t always prevent these accidents from happening no matter how good the nappies are.  It seems to always be when I put the nicest, whitest outfits on him too!  So I was really intrigued when I heard about The Keep Me Company’s Keep Me Cosy Anti Leak Bodysuit.

On first glance the vest looks and feels good quality, which you would expect for the cost which is £10.95.  It is made from organic bamboo cotton (nicer for the skin) with the bottom half having a discreet moisture absorbent layer, feeling more solid but not looking strange.  It washes very well; I tend to buy the multi pack vests which lose their softness after a few washes but this did’t.  It also washed clean. The manufacturer also claims that it is thermo regulating, keeping the body temperature steady in the hot and cold months.  I was testing this in the Autumn so I can’t comment on this although I like the idea.

There is no doubt that when the moisture absorbent layer is put to the test, its effectiveness when wet is very impressive.  It would not leak through onto an outer garment like others would. I further tested it by pouring a pint glass of water over the inside and it was only when the glass was almost empty that very small spots of water started to leak through.  The rest was absorbed and contained within the inside of the vest without feeling too wet.   However it took many, many days to really put this to the test, which I guess is a problem in itself; at the price it is I personally would not buy enough of these to use every day, so it would be sods law that the day I have not dressed my baby in it, is the day the accident happens.  The website suggests it gives “added protection while travelling”, which I think is the right idea, as not many people would be able to afford to use these 24 hour a day 7 days a week.  Instead it can be used for long car and pram journeys.

I do however have a bigger issue with this product which is the length of the vest.  It does not cover the full nappy (see pics), leaving the frilly edge (where most of the leakage comes from) exposed.  I felt this was such a shame as if it was more of a romper style design (perhaps with elasticated shorts) it would be perfect.  As it is, it didn’t offer full protection (I tried the 0-3 month vest at 1, 2 and 3 months and this problem was always there). So, although it does offer you some extra time if your baby does leak through on a long journey, as well as protecting those nicer outer clothes, it doesn’t answer the problem for me so I would probably keep trying other products. For more information, please see: Keep Me Cosy



  1. This is a fab idea! But you are right, a shame it doesn’t cover the whole nappy!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Parenting & Lifestyle blog

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