Unique Babywear and Accessories from Loubilou

photo 1 (2)With the summer on its way (fingers crossed) and with our holiday only a few weeks away, I’ve started buying clothes for Isabella, or more specifically, dresses. I think girls can look so cute in their little dresses but I wanted to try and find something that not every other toddler would be wearing too.

Louibilou have created a website that brings sellers from all over the world to one place; they sell unique baby clothes, toys and accessories so you can almost guarantee that your little one will be the only one wearing the cutest clothes in town!

Loubilou offer a selection of handmade and designer clothes at affordable prices. Some of the items are a little pricy, but depending on the occasion, it might be worth the price tag. I’ve never wanted to buy so many items of clothing from one place before.

Bearing in mind that all the items come from different retailers, I can only talk about my experience from one, YoYo Children’s Wear, ; I was emailed as soon as I had placed my purchase and knew when to expect delivery. When the dress arrived, it was carefully packaged and not crumpled at all; there was even a cautionary note advising to wash the dress by hand for the first few washes as the colour may run.

I think this is such a beautiful and well-made garment and the attention to detail it great. I must admit, I’m not over the moon about the fact the colour may run, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ll risk putting it in the washing machine at all which is a little bit of a pain but not the end of the world.

I think the colours on the dress are stunning and the design is such that you can wear it on hot days just on its own or put a long sleeve vest and tights underneath to turn it into a dress for chillier days too. Some summer dresses look odd if you do this but YoYo Children’s Wear have thought a lot about their design.

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If you are looking for something that’s a little different and unique, stop by and have a look at what Loubilou have to offer.

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