Zippy Suit Bandana Bibs

zippyI’m always on the look out for good dribble bibs, as my 11 month old son is super dribbly when he’s teething, so the Zippy Bib seemed a great option.

I liked the colour and design of the bib and thought it was really soft. The bib washed well and dried really quickly and was also quite absorbent.

There were a number of downsides though. The actual bib was quite big, so to wear as a dribble bib through the day, was not ideal, as it generally got in my son’s way. Because of the size, it also meant that it kept moving around and ended up back to front a lot of the time – defeating the point of keeping him dry!

Having used other brands of bib (Funky Giraffe being a firm favourite) I don’t think I would invest in another Zippy Bib, as they are not as effective in comparison to other bibs on the market.


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