aden + anais bamboo swaddles

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These bamboo swaddles have got to be one of the most versatile and worthwhile investments for any new parent. I’ve used the super large swaddles for so many things and even now my daughter is 18 months old, I’m still using them.

The first thing I used these for was a nursing cover. In fact my brother and sister-in-law bought me the Baby Cakes Cotton swaddles as a gift and they were brilliant. But the bamboo swaddles are so much softer that I just don’t use the cotton ones anymore. Of course when I was using a couple a day, I’d get through piles of them but now there being used for different things and I don’t use so many, I just stick to the bamboo.

So apart from using them as a nursing cover (this was my own choice and I didn’t do it to make others more comfortable, I did it so I felt more comfortable) the other things I’ve found them useful for are (and this is by no means an extensive list):

A giant bib – these are perfect if you’re having a picnic somewhere and don’t want your little one to get anything on them as it will literally cover them from neck to toe!!!IMG_2127

A blanket – a little obvious but especially in the summer and in the pram, these swaddles make a brilliantly light blanket for anyone – I say this because I too have used one to wrap around myself when I thought it was warmer than it actually was; the colours and pattern meant that I didn’t feel silly while doing it either as it could have quite easily been a scarf! Isabella uses them to wrap her dolly in too!

A play mat – this is especially useful when your little one has just learnt to sit up and you go out somewhere. I put one on the floor and you have an instant playmate! I’ve also put it on the floor to save the carpet in someone else’s house from any unexpected sick incidents.

A general muslin – wipes up lots (and I mean a lot) of messes and because it’s so large, you can always find a clean patch.

A snuggle – for want of a better word, these can be used as snuggles or comforters for babies and toddlers. If Isabella is feeling a little under the weather and wants a snuggle, we often use one of these to wrap her up in and snuggle on the sofa as I know she won’t get too hot.IMG_1598

A sunshade – from birth to toddler, I’m still using these as sunshades when out and about. And while I haven’t personally done this, I’ve seen some people use it as a sunshade in the car; they’ve just done the window up with the muslin tucked inside. These are perfect for the summer months!

They wash really well and dry quickly which I think is essential with a baby.

Even though they seem a little expensive (£38.95 for three bamboo swaddles), I would buy these swaddles time and time again. Well done aden + anais on producing such a versatile yet beautiful product.aden___anais_azure_muslin_swaddles_3pkt_1024x1024





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