Ardo Calypso Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump is a really good investment for any mummy who might need to express and feels they don’t really have the time. It’s easy to use, good quality and very effective; I can normally express in just 10 minutes. Even though I predominantly breast feed, it’s not always possible and being able to express quickly means I don’t find it a hassle.

The Calypso Electric Breast Pump has over 60 different combinations of settings which means that you can adjust it to best suit you and your needs (these may change as your baby gets older). I have found this setting useful as it has enabled me to find a comfortable yet super effective setting – other pumps which aren’t this flexible left me feeling sore and not wanting to express; I never felt like I managed to express as much as I can with the Calypso.

The pump itself is very quiet and means I can finally sit down at the end of a long day and watch some T.V. without having any irritating noises disrupting me; my husband doesn’t even notice the noise. I would be able to express in the same room as my baby with this pump without the fear of waking her. If you needed to express while out, it would be very discreet soundwise – I still wouldn’t do it sat on the tube but if you have to express at work it wouldn’t be obvious what you were doing.

I also love the fact that it uses silicone membrane pots to ensure that the milk doesn’t get into the tubes as this could get very messy. Because the pots keep the milk in the right places, it means that washing and sterilising the bottle and breast shells is really easy but most importantly it means that the milk you express is less likely to become contaminated.

The pump comes with a range of different sized breast shells and inserts to make the experience as comfortable as possible; while this may seem like a waste, I am glad to get the choice as it makes expressing more effective and therefore reduces the time it takes.

To make this pump more flexible, you get the option to run it off of batteries or mains; I have never needed to use the batteries option so don’t know if this affects its suction or not.

The one thing this product could use is a carry case to keep it all together. Because I use the pump every night (my daughter has stopped having her 10pm feed) I want to keep it to hand but feel I need to pack it up every night. If it came with a carry case, this would solve the problem.

I actually bought the double pump but have found that this isn’t necessary. Unless you need to express a lot during the day, I have found the single pump more than adequate. It works so quickly that I actually find it easier to express one side at a time as when I tried the double pump, I have no hands left to adjust the controls. The double pump was only £9 more than the single pump and it’s actually quite nice to have duplicate shells and bottles.

The pump costs £129 which is more expensive than a lot on the market but I would say the overall quality of this pump and ease of use are worth spending that little bit extra on. If bought from the Calypso pump has an extended guarantee which Ardo say will last an average mum for ‘two consecutive babies whilst benefiting from a full no-quibble manufacturer’s warranty’.

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