Beaba Babycook Duo

I’ve been putting the Beaba Babycook Duo to the test over the past few weeks and I’ve been quite impressed with it. While Benjamin no longer needs to eat purees, we use it to make soup and compotes, smothies as well as steaming vegetables for the whole family. It’s so easy, I wish I had it when we first started weaning him.

 What’s so good about it? I hear you ask – well it’s so quick and convenient that I can make meals in 15 minutes if I need to and they are all from fresh wholesome ingredients. I ended up feeding Benjamin many a jar of baby food when he first started out weaning because I didn’t have the time to start blending all sorts of different baby foods which a 2-year-old running round my feet. As soon as we got the Babycook Duo, that stopped. I was able to create fresh food for Benjmain in just 15 minutes. Even though he very quickly moved onto solids, we still use the BabyCook on a daily basis.

I’ve found that we use the Babycook duo’s steaming option the most now that Benjamin is eating solids and we now tend to steam all of our veg on a nightly basis. It certainly takes the guesswork out of how long the veg has been cooking and also if you suddenly have to change a dirty nappy, you won’t end up with soggy broccoli as the steamer turns itself off once the cycle is complete and remains warm too so even if the veg is ready before you are, it will still be hot when serving.

 I love that you have to option to reheat food in the steamer – we’ve never needed to but I gave it a go just to see how it faired. It was very straight forward to do, you simply place the food in a suitable container and add the required water level before turning on and waiting for the food to heat up – it worked well and the food was warm enough to eat after one cycle. Depending on how much food you are trying to reheat will impact how much water you use, if you don’t use enough, the food won’t heat thoroughly.

The blending element works so well. In just two or three turns of the handle, the food is really smooth. You can obviously manipulate how textured the food is by blending it more or choosing to only blitz it quickly for a more lumpy meal.

  Even Isabella loves to help me prepare the meals and because it’s so simple to use, I’ll let her push the button to start a cycle and even blend the food when we are making smoothies. She loves to eat compotes from the silicone pouch and thinks it’s a real treat when she gets one.

 The pasta or rice cooker which is available to buy separately from the Babycook Duo is also incredibly handy as it saves time and avoids mess when I’m trying to cook only a small portion of pasta for Benjamin or Isabella.

I really like the special spatula that comes with the Babycook Duo which is used to take the pots out of the machine when they are hot. It enables you to get to the food without scalding yourself. It sits nicely at the back of the machine so it’s always on hand when you need it.

  I really love the Babycook Duo and think it’s fantastic; it does cost a little over £100 but if you are planning on pureeing your own baby food, it’s certainly worth the investment in the long run. I would have saved so much money had I used this from the start and I would have known that Benjamin was eating healthy and nutritional foods without any preservatives.

For ease of use as well as variety of use, I would rate this as being one of my top parenting must have items.


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