Bibisili Jake Giraffe Funky Silicone Bib


Piccolo Bambino (a rather lovely company who sell beautiful and contemporary gifts, as well as day to day items) were on the hunt for parents to review the Bibisili Silicone Bib and we were only too happy to help them.

This flexible, silicone bib from Bibisili is a great design; the cute animals are eye catching and they look really cute on! As soon as I put it on my daughter, she tries to bite the bottom of the bib giving me a few valuable seconds to get her lunch/dinner from the kitchen before she is protesting that she’s hungry!

The bib is a really good quality material and unlike other silicone bibs, is felixible making it more usable in a highchair. I actually prefer to use this bib for picnics or when Isabella isn’t in a highchair as I feel the crumb catcher works much better when there isn’t a tray in the way. It actually caught a lot more of the food she dropped than I first thought it would and she was even able to pick food back out of the bib and continue eating. I was genuinely surprised at how effective this crumb catcher was as I don’t think much of crumb catchers in general.

The fastening system has three different adjustment options and is very flexible; we had no problems putting the bib on and because of the material, Isabella couldn’t pull it off (unlike Velcro!). Although the fastening system is a little fiddly at first, once you have worked it out, it’s actually very easy. I would have like to have seen a few more adjustment options though as the neckline comes up quite large (like most bibs) and has the potential for food to get on the top of babies clothes. I think the size guide of 6 months plus is a little ambitious and would say that it’s good from maybe 9/12 months plus, purely because of the neckline.

The bib covers a large enough area to cover most of the problem areas at any meal time but if we are having a particularly messy dinner, I’ll put a fabric bib underneath just to be sure! The material is really easy to wipe clean which is refreshing as all of my fabric bibs are now stained and grimy looking (note to self – buy new bubs!) and if cleaned straight after dinner, doesn’t seem to stain. There are no grooves or nooks and crannies where food can get stuck which is another bonus as the crumb catcher tray can fold inside out for you to get a good thorough clean.

The silicone fabric is 100% food grade silicone and is Lead, BPA and Phthalates free it’s Eco friendly, non toxic, odourless, flexible and harmless to baby’s skin.

A lovely bib that I would definitely buy more of.photo2photo3


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