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If you love practical products but are also a sucker for anything fun and whizzy (I know I am), Boon feeding products are a must have for you. I’ve been trying out some of Boon’s Feeding range, including: Mush, Benders, Catch Bowl and Squirt (not only are they funky in design, they also have great names!)

Boon Mush (a baby food processor) has got to be my favourite out of these four products. My initial impression when I first opened it was that it wouldn’t work as well as an electric food processor but I have to take that back and say I prefer it! I find it easy to use, easy to clean and the ability to choose the ‘mushiness’ is perfect for me because we are baby led weaning.

imageThe first time I tried it out, I wanted to chop up some onions to go in a Spag Bol and it worked so well that I got a little Mush happy and ended up putting all my ingredients in to be chopped. I now use the Mush to chop everything possible as it takes a lot less time and created a lot less mess then me using a knife and chopping board (I am a very messy cook!). Even my husband got a little Mush happy when he tried it out for the first time.

If you, like us, don’t completely blend your baby food, this product is fantastic and I would certainly recommend it. If on the other hand you are looking for something that makes a completely smooth puree, I think there are more effective products on the market. The instructions give a guide as to how many pulls are recommended for different textures – five or six for a coarse chop and thirty plus for more of a puree.

The Mush comes with a separate storage lid and the blades come out very easily so you are very quickly able to make something up and then store in the fridge for later. Just be careful when removing the blades as they are so sharp.

The plastic pot, blades and storage lid are all dishwasher safe (I love shoving everything in the dishwasher) but the lid with the pull mechanism isn’t and shouldn’t even be fully submerged in water. I’ve found that if you rinse/wash as soon as you’ve finished, this really isn’t an issue.

The Catch Bowl has to be the next on my favourite list as it does exactly what it says…catch food that children inevitably drop. While it is aimed at slightly older children, My 9 month old loves using this for fruit; it’s easy for her to scoop the food out of and catches most (some things get flung left, right and centre) of the food she drops enabling her to pick it back up and try again. This also means that I don’t have to sit there waiting to pick up every bit of food for her and instead, I can enjoy my food alongside her.

The suction cup at the bottom of the bowl is surprisingly effective; it didn’t look like it would stick and stay put as it seemed quite flimsy but it actually works very well (no spit required!!)

The flexible catcher has also proved to make a great teether as Isabella will quite happily chomp down on it in between courses! It’s sturdy enough not to move when food is dropped onto it but flexible enough that it can easily be manipulated by little hands.

The Benders (adaptable feeding utensils) seem like a great idea and had I used them from the very start of the weaning process, would probably have benefitted my daughter greatly as when we introduced a spoon for the first time, she struggled to hold it and keep the food on the spoon. However, because we persevered with a regular spoon, she simply uses the Benders spoon like normal. I will try it again when we introduce a fork and see if the brilliant idea of being able to bend the head of the fork in any direction will help her aim.

The Benders are lovely and soft to the touch and can easily be bent to face most positions and the bonus is that it stays in shape well. Obviously if it’s whacked on the table/highchair, it will bend a different way but other than that I thought they were a great idea – I just wish I’d started using them earlier.

The Squirt is brilliant if you solely use smooth purees, but because we don’t, we have found the squirt only useful for feeding yogurts on the go. Again, I love the idea, but the whole in the spoon is too small for anything with even the slightest of lumps. I would therefore say that this product is perfect for stage one weaning with smooth purees or non-lumpy yoghurts.

The spoon itself is really easy to use and clean (which I had my doubts about at first) and the cap which fits over the lid is a really tight fit, so you feel confident that yoghurt isn’t going to spill out into you bag.

The concept is easy – fill the spoon with whatever food your baby likes and squeeze (GENTLY). It really is that simple. Something even the grandparents would be able to use.

All plastic materials used in these products are BPA free.

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